How To Store The Most Safe Food For Family Meals

Busy life makes families grow more and more frozen foods. In the time of social relaxation, the demand for food stores is even more emerged. But how to store food for safety, not any housewives know.2: 00/2: 40 Southern foods Which foods can froze? Most foods can store preservation by ways Frozen. However, the most commonly popular food is still meat, fish, vegetables of fruits, processed foods

... Meat, fish meat, fresh fish if not processed and used immediately will be very fast damaged When in common temperature conditions
Therefore, if there is no time to go to the market or needs to store food you should store by frozen method. East Meat is the best food preservation method. The fruits are often preserved Managing in the refrigerator cooler. However, if demand can still froze vegetables and still retain flavors and nutrients. However, frozen frozen vegetables should be preserved with high water content such as celery, watercress, lettuce, cabbage, cucumber ... processed foods to save cooking time, casual housewives Processing and packing food to frozen. All dishes have been processed as meats, fish, spring rolls, meatballs, cakes, sausages, pa numb .
. all can be stored, when it can be used immediately. Safety foods choose foods that choose fresh food at prestigious facilities, with clear origin. Avoid buying unusually colorful or flavored foods. For meat, choose the type with dark red or dark red, dry cuts. Avoid buying meat with slightly dark, black, touching viscous, strange smells, odors. The type of water and seafood, so choose fresh. If it is no longer alive must be stored in cold or freezing stones in accordance with the standards. Crushing. It is best to buy vegetables on the right season. Packaged foods such as fish, seafood, sausage ... When choosing to buy the label, where production, clear shelf life . The packaging contains new foods, not torn, not distorted. The winter is in the right way for fresh food for fresh foods such as fish, shrimp ... clean washing. Cut meat or divide fish and shrimp into partly enough for a meal. Then use a dry absorbent tissue, put it in the box with a sealed lid or bag specialized in food storage. Write the name of the food, the East day and then rank neatly in the refrigerator in the freezer. For vegetables for vegetables, wash the soil, dirt, to dry. For each type in dedicated food bags, names and dates and then pleated in the freezer. Cleaning, packing or containing foods in sealed boxes for safe storage. With food selection And properly stored, your family will have a rich and safe source of food, ensuring nutritional needs in the time of disease disease today. See more videos are being interested in:

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