How To Take A Bath For Skin?

Bathing several times a day, using overheating water or inappropriate soap ... all can adversely affect the skin.0: 00/2: 58 NAMTUAL ANALYSIS is an essential to remove sweat, health Dyers help pores ventilated, prevent acne, unpleasant odor on the body

. However, how new bath does not adversely affect the skin? Bathing properly helps maintain the health of the skin protection fence. Photo: Nivea. Many - The enemy of the people who choose to bathe many times in the day mean too much contact with soap, hot water
This will break the natural acid membrane on the skin, according to Verywell Health. This acid film helps protect the skin from external pollution, and prevent dryness, peeling and itching. People with skin diseases like psoriasis, indigo can encounter serious problems if the acidic membrane is damaged. It's too often to break the beneficial microorganism in the skin. These microorganisms play an important role in the immune system, contributing to preventing infectious bacteria. Besides, too much bathing together with the use of high alkaline soap will lead to skin irritation, Itching or redness. If not strong and pouring a lot of sweat, you only need to bathe 1-2 days / time it is enough. At the same time, maintain personal hygiene by using a clean towel to wipe sweating areas such as armpits, groin every day. Besides, you also need to replace clean clothes, lingerie daily to ensure body cleaning. Another important thing, you need to clean your face every day, especially in the evening to remove dirt, Makeup or sunscreen
These are things that can cause pores. Who should bathe daily? People working in toxic environments such as chemicals, corrosive or radioactive materials are required to shower immediately after every work shift. Shower after work hours are also recommended for farm workers, gardener, construction workers and people who are exposed to allergens, irritation such as pollen, fur. Should be the habit of people moving and sweating as much as athletes, fitness coaches. In this case, you should use soap, shampoo with a soft component, do not contain high detergents , and balance the pH for the skin after bathing. Choose light bath soap, balance the pH to help skin not irritate. Photo: Real Simple. Properly - use warm water: hot water, high temperature makes the skin lose moisture, become dry and peeled. You should use warm water and bathing time as quickly as possible. - Bath soap does not dry skin: Although choosing a bar or solution, you should prioritize products with "moisturizing" information. On the packaging. Use soap in areas that are prone to smells like armpits, groin, fingers, interstitial toes. - Gentle manipulation: If you use some full body or melon exfoliating products, you should massage slightly Gently to minimize the risk of skin irritation. When using a towel, please pat and don't rub it hard. - Moisturizing: If the skin is dry or sensitive, apply moisturizer, oily, gentle body lotion, odorless when skin is still moist . In a moisture state, the skin will be easy to receive nutrients from better cosmetics. - Cleaning towels, melon fiber: Sponges, wet melon fibers for bathrooms are the ideal environment for bacteria, mold delivery development. So you should clean the sponges, regular melon, dry in a dry place before use for the next time. Washing, replacing weekly towels to prevent bacteria from developing and entering the skin. Preventing acne prevention Easy to do these tips to help you repel uncomfortable acne notes.

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