How To Take Care Of Sensitive Scalp, Fast Aging?

Not everyone knows the scalp is the skin area of sensitive, aging early. Do not take care of properly can make hair more damaged, dandruff, itching, bacteria ... Besides pollution, diet, living or skin diseases, scalp is also One of the great causes causes dandruff, itching, bacteria

. Aging on the scalp is most obvious when the hair turns silver (still a little melanin - the pigment of hair color) or white (absolutely no melanin). In fact, feathers on the face and body will also Transfer color but usually slower than hair. This shows that the scalp can aging faster than facial skin or body skin
The head can be aging as soon as we are young. With 11 years of experience, doctor CKI specialized in Lan Phuong dermatology said : "Besides changing the hair color, the expression of aging also includes dry scalp, moisture imbalance, broken hair and dandruff, itching, bacteria sanctions quickly". The scalp aging usually appears at the age of 30, but the hair care is not careful to make many people face this situation at the age of 25.Babes also explain that although aging is the natural process, External agents such as ultraviolet rays in sunshine, pollution, lot smoking, stress, diet, non-moderation can accelerate this process on the scalp, causing many people to lose confidence With hair and uncomfortable feeling due to dandruff, itching, bacteria cause more illnesses than healing, the interest in hair and scalp needs to be done soon, instead of trying to overcome signs of aging The scalp is struggling when it's too late. "Need a comprehensive care for hair, sensitive scalp and the whole body to deal with this situation," Dr. Phuong affirmed. First, it is necessary to avoid harmful agents like UV rays, Electromagnetic radiation, smoke by shielding the hair every time it goes to the street. For hair styling, it is necessary to limit the use of many chemicals such as bleaching and bending ..
causing the scalp to weaken. Do not think that hair care is only a problem of women, because men are easily encountered with hair, scalp, dandruff, itching, bacteria than women. Lan Phuong will show new perspectives About the scalp. Song, but the aging will cause collagen and the ability to keep the scalp of the scalp. Therefore, the addition of foods such as chickens, salmon, bananas ... rich in vitamin B6 to moisturize the scalp is necessary. In addition, shampooing is also very important. Shampoo frequency should be suitable for each different skin type, oil skin should wash more frequently dry skin. Dandruff shampoo should be used to solve dandruff, itching, bacteria - signs of aging - with integration of nutrients such as vitamin B3, amino acid to level the scalp. If the use of inappropriate shampography, the scalp is prone to irritation, the protective layer is also weak, causing dandruff, itching, bacteria, hair loss. Also, prioritize the shampoo from reputable brands , there is a formula to be recognized by the Department of Health. In it, Clear dandulating shampoo is a plan for reference. Clean shampoo Clean Cool Mint Cool can care for sensitive skin as scalp to solve dandruff, itching, bacteria. To control Status of scalp, rabbakes or bacteria, you need to equip your own scalp protection tool before the harmful agent, full diet, timetable to improve the resistance for The skin is also suitable for clean dandruff shampoo as Clear. At that time, the flight of dandruff, itching, bacteria or scalp agations will no longer be too large in everyday life. It's a brand of Run-one-year-old bucket in Vietnam from April / 2020 to March 3/2021, Clear Cool Mint Cool Formula 3x strength to fly dandruff, itching, bacteria. Using a new generation dandruff clean substance, Clear helps penetrates fast, deeper and flies with dandruff, and doubling the ability to moisture for scalp, hair with vitamin B3 and amino acid nutrients. Besides, the combination of fragrant mint essence and fresh lemon flavor brings a cool feeling of all day long.

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