How To Take Care Of The Skin During The Day Of The Season To Always Smooth

The dry season is the duration of skin you need to be special care, here are 3 types of skin care masks during the day of the nature season, which is effective in: 00/2: 03 nam south with the materials available Available in nature will help you save your skin during dry season. Here are the ways to take care of the season on the day of the season. Carrot and honey masks are all vitamins and minerals with skin beauty care, honey containing antioxidants, softening and smooth skin . Honey and carrot mask provides moisture and helps to prevent facial wrinkles. Raw material 1 spoon of honey small carrot canhide Carrot cleaner, sliced and put into grinding puree carrots with little honey to create Mixed into a viscous face

. Clean face, apply a mixture to the skin and relax within 20 minutes with clean water with cold water, so apply this mixture 2 times to have skin like the desired mask butter and OliveBorn oil containing many vitamins And minerals are very good in skin care. Especially Vitamin A helps eliminate dead skin cells, synthetic vitamin E collagen helps smooth and firm skin. Raw material1 Avocado nine3 tablespoon olive oil made of avocado's intestines and then adding 3 tablespoons of olive oil all into The mixture of the surface is very clean, apply the mixture to the skin and relax within 15 minutes of clean face with cold water, so use this mask 2-3 times / week
Note: to not cause the best skin irritation Should test a little mixed up to arm to make sure that the mask is absolutely safe for your skin. Beer masks, honey and olivetrong beer contains vitamin B. Therefore, beer has positive effects Come to the skin, help moisten and restore the skin. You can combine beer with other ingredients to form a natural skin care mask for the dry season very effectively. Raw material1 / 3 Beer cup2 spoon Olive2 Oil Olive2 Spoons Honey Make the raw material, boil Small fire Games 5 minutes. When you see the mixture, take it out to cool, then apply it to the face. 15 minutes then rinse with cold water this mask is very good when doing the evening or early morning, especially on the days Weather is dry. Thuy An / VietQ

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