How To Take Care Of The Skin In The Fall

The modified weather is when you need to update the new care steps to ensure the supply of moisture is enough, help the skin avoid peeling. When the weather becomes cooler, reduced moisture can cause skin to lose water , Broken natural and sensitive protection fence, according to Vogue. Moreover, heating bathing also causes skin to be drier. Therefore, depending on the season, you must have a suitable skin care mode. I am more to moisture enough to add moisture to the skin in the fall, Dermatology Anjali Mahto recommends applying the serum layer Hyaluronic composition under moisturizer

. The moisture lock layer should contain collagen, elastin or aloe. Applying the thicker moisturizer layer is also a need to do. In the fall, experts recommend applying the cream thicker than the summer
Photo: G. Besides, prioritize products with vitamin C supplementation because it helps lighten skin and increase collagen production. This helps to keep a lot of humidity and protect the skin from external harmful agents. In addition, vitamin C can also help restore the harmful effects of UV when your skin comes in with ultraviolet rays in the summer. Besides, add oil to the habit of skin care because they help moisturize and make Healthy skin. Skin lubricants can resist extreme temperature changes. The simplest way is that you use oil to massage every day. Don't ignore sunscreen, so people think they don't need to apply sunscreen in the fall because of cool climate. However, that thought is a mistake because UVA rays also operate in cold months. To avoid lumps when applying sunscreen, apply full serum and ice cream first
Moreover, bring a small mineral spray bottle in the bag to supplement moisture at any time. I am full of sunscreen even when it's cool. Photo: Beautyfh.No ignores green vegetables in cooler, many people tend to choose spicy dishes, hot. However, do not remove green vegetables and oil from the menu because they support the skin from the inside with vitamins, important antioxidants. You also have to actively care from inside. Drinking plenty of water is also a way to help skin stress, avoid cracking.

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