How To Treat Acne

Sitting too much, no clean body cleaning is some causes of acne in the Round Ba.0: 00/1: 30 nuoc namnd element: Dermatologist Heather Woolery-Lloyd said hormones cause Acne is in the third round. Hormonal changes can make the lining of the hair follicle more sticky, leading to pores and pimples. Therefore, you need to drink enough water, regularly exercise and carefully care for this skin. Photo: The Healthy

. Or wet clothes after gym: Sweat can dry pores, retain dirt and leave red marks after exercising. You should change clothes, bathe as soon as possible. If there is no bath time, clean the body quickly with deodorant wipes or wet paper without aromas
Photo: Woman's Health. Too much: Feather cystic inflammation is usually due to friction or stimulation. If you spend too much time sitting on the chair to work, acne phenomena will get worse. "If your job requires sitting a lot, try to stand up more often," Mona Gohara dermatologist gave advice. Photo: Unsplash. Don't replace panties daily: Dirty lingerie contains dust, sweat and oil that easily cause acne to your skin. You need to make sure to replace panties daily, wash it clean and expose directly in the sun to limit the development bacteria. Photo: Huffpost. Well tight pants: Jeans and legging affect the acne in the Third round. Sweat clothes not only cause friction to the skin but also keep sweat and oil, causing clogging of hair follicles causing acne
In hot weather, you should choose fabric material of airy outfits, sweat absorbing and instead of every day. Photo: Harper's Bazaar. To limit pimples in the third round, you need to use suitable skin care products. The daily moisturizing soap is what to do if this skin is smoother. Choosing the appropriate pH, fast absorbent, limited flavoring are the criteria you need to know when buying lotion. Besides, to lighten the bruises, use the product with glycolic acid composition or Azelaic acid. Photo: Cosmopolitan.6 Exercises that help butt and thighs are more firmer at home simple exercises can help your round 3 slimmer.

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