How When Accidentally Encountered A Middle Age?

0:00 / 2: 57 How do Nam is in accordance with the "love affair" at middle age? If he accidentally met himself to vibrate at middle age, you have to remember your identity, the role as well as your responsibility with the current family. It can't know where love starts dark. However, love is only beautiful when the appropriate condition is, especially when the middle age, if it encounters others, it makes our hearts vibrate, it is absolutely not a duyen loan, most of the heart. Vibration but is the newly married marriage everyone who wishes his husband and lipstick. The more tedious, the love in the heart is no longer warm as before

. These vows have been like the seeds on the dandelion cotton, a light wind blew through also flying them to fly. It's not impossible to draw a future, strong feelings cannot bring durable happiness. The love of middle ages like bubbles in the sun, though beautiful as a dream but just touch is broken
Illustration. The marriage outside marriage has only one outcome, it is loss of mate and family Family, you will go through the rest with the remaining life with the pain and loneliness. When a middle-aged person, facing others, once he has argued in an unworthy affection, no matter how vibration, Nice to all, the end will not be nice. Beautifully vulnerable people who have ever spreaden understand what the other half can harm the same when facing the outside marriage affairs. And forgiveness, it is easy to get hard to get trust, once the mistake will not be able to be perfect as initially. The worst name of a marriage is not a divorce but regret in the whole period The remaining life. You can only remove your trust when understanding it. So if you accidentally meet yourself, you have to remember your identity, the role as well as your responsibility with your family. When I am a middle age, for the affectionate things out of marriage needs to need Actively refusing, avoiding intentionally, not to let himself have the opportunity to be tempted. Illustration
How do I accidentally meet "Love" in middle age? After getting married , You will meet the "love of this life", because of not being satisfied with reality so you pursue aspirations, what will happen to that love? The neurologist warns everyone who or swear Ket about a eternal love that only exists within 4 years. After strong dopamine periods for a long time, the brain will begin to feel tired. After the brain is tired, the neurotransmitter will gradually reduce the secretion of dopamine. The result of this makes people think that love has faded or love is no longer available. If you meet someone making me vibrate , then went to marriage, the first time also made you feel happy but then five months passed again to spend time with rice rice money. Wait until dopamine declines, passionate and love no longer, the normal feeling will come back. Simple the final appearance of life. If the desire to satisfy the other removed, the ability to meet the "sincere love" will decrease a lot. It is not only a person who is not only satisfying the desire for love but also the responsibility for marriage and family.

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