How Will England Will Overcome The ‘wall’ Chiellini – Bonucci?

70-year-old midfielder Chiellini - Bonucci is the pride of Italian fans. However, Spain has demonstrated that there are many ways to defeat the Azzurri defense, which the England team can completely learn to follow.00: 00/3: 10 men of the Belgian Lukaku managers are the understanding Play or how. The striker has scored 50 goals in the last season, completely shown in the double-fought and can only be prepared from penalty dots. The midfielder duo had 219 times wearing Azzurri and experienced to 'bullying' the weak striker

. But no player is perfect. Chiellini and Bonucci are very strong in situations that require physical strength but are slow and spunted before those who are skillful and speed. Meanwhile, the England team has attackers who are capable of impressive balls
raheem Sterling is definitely the most awaited name of the current England team. Statistics from UEFA said Man City's striker is a person with a second-hand sprinting number of Euro, ranking first in the list of players who have a lot of successful drains and are also in the top of good strikers Leading the ball straight into the penalty area.sterling has a high form and confidence, which will help him comfortably deep into the opening of Italian defense. The defenders hate the players running fast at one point, which is just a small negligence, they have been enemy for 'inhaling smoke'. Then the team to do in the final is to find a way to pull the duo Tridle Chiellini and Bonucci out of their area for Sterling and Bukayo Saka or Jadon Sancho to take advantage of speed and ability to go shadow. Spain did this well in the semi-finals when using a 9 virtual number. In the current England squad, Harry Kane could fall further to attract defenders, the role he did very well in Tottenham, creating conditions for teammates to rush up. Notably, the spinazzola replacement was Emerson Palmieri as a weakness that his attacks could target. Italian players certainly don't want to fall in a passive defense because they can completely make mistakes like Danish Captain Simon Kjær in the semifinals. Trades like Chiellini and Bonucci have excess experience but it is difficult to support the players agile, skillful and not afraid to go on the middle of the middle
If the match must extend to the extra time, Chiellini's weakness and Bonucci will clearly reveal. On the bench, Gareth Southgate was still Phil Foden, Jack Grealish or Marcus Rashford to hit a tired Italian defense. Rashford is among the top 5 players running the fastest Euro 2020. Just Southgate using these cards at the right time, he will have a lot of opportunities to cross the opponent's goods. The way to attack the weakness of the pair The central defender is an important task of England but they also need to block Jorginho. Confronting the midfielder highly the ability to rotate the ball, 'divide the song' from the circle between the yard, the prevention of prejudice midfielder Jorginho is to do. Mason Mount has a long time playing with Jorginho in Austria Chelsea and his insights about the Italian midfielder will help a lot for the English center. The British team will have a very difficult match on Wembley. But the challenges are worthy of the title of Tam Mu who waited more than half a century now. The Spaniards gave a 'gift' to Southgate in the semi-finals, which shows how difficult italy. Now it's time to watch Sterling and teammates will take advantage of that 'gift'.

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