How Yoona Turns Legs Into Straight Legs

Yoona has a legs, disadvantages that affect her musculoskeletal, joint. Currently, SNSD beauties have confidently show off their feet straight after years of exercise efforts.Yoona is considered the beauty goddess of Kpop Gen 2, famous for the beautiful face of the idol singer. However, she has a disadvantage of a figure as the legs. From the beginning of the first day with SNSD in 2007, the legs were too thin and curved to the two sides were the point that Yoona was less confident, often hiding by standing cross-legged

. Times become the theme of Korean netizens. The above disadvantages not only do "lose points" of Yoona's appearance, but also affect the physique, capable of causing complications to muscle tendons, bones. Before, even when wearing long pants, broad pipes Concealing, the audience still easily recognizes Yoona's legs
Recently, fans realized that Yoona's feet changed, the bone area was no longer open, the knees and thighs of the 31-year-old beautiful people became straight, na nà.So comparable to the image Old, easily realizing Yoona's legs have changed markedly in shape. Not only straight, the feet of 31-year-old beauties are much full. Previously, she was often commented to be too skinny, his limbs affirmed, lack of vitality. To have straight legs, firm Yoona must perform strict diet and exercise. Beauty born in 1990 revealed to apply 800 calories / day diet, only eating fruits and vegetables, not using carbohydrates and proteins. Energy content in each day is also strictly regulated. Yoona loaded into 200 calories in the morning, 300 calories at noon and 300 calories in the evening. SNSD members exercise intensity. The circulatory exercise is 4 minutes of boxing sets, next to 3 minutes of squat, 2 minutes of pillow and finally 1 minute walking slowly helps the idol female legs increase muscle, helping the foot firm healthy
Yoona also practiced yoga, Pilates, bone massage (Golki) ... to fix the foot of the loop. These are exercises that have a fixed effect, but require a practitioner to persevere in a very long time. Channel Korea argues that the situation is improved by the 31-year-old beauty gaining weight in a healthy way. Fans commenting on changing appearance, especially editing Yoona's curved legs are extraordinary attempts, "Many money is not sure". In addition to Yoona, Rosé (Blackpink) also received a lot of compliments from Korean audiences when persevering bone correction to overcome the weakness of the legs.

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