Hua Minh Dat: The Leader Is Mostly In The Countryside

HEAD MANUFACTURING FOR THE FIRST AVAILABILITIES Most of the rural areas. The imposition is transmitted from this lifetime and died from another year. 9: 00/1: 58 NETTERIAL AREAS ANALY 10 Programs "Make an appointment at 22 o'clock" Discuss on the topic "How to define what is the same?", Hua Minh Reach acknowledged he was the patriarch with the children. The promised member gave that most people in the country to live the actor, the word "gia" means the family, "chief" is the person standing Head in the family. Those two means, then "Chief" is the head of the family

. All words, all opinions, every family's actions must listen to their ideas. Minh reaches the judgment, the patient has a good or own. It is to be tied to the family to connect the family
"Liked as a family famous for empty jobs. In the house, at least to arrest one of the children to connect," he analyzed. The commune of Lam Vy Da added, most people in the countryside to live head. He himself saw people in the countryside often determined to raise their children, then to save money to married his wife. Families take care of everything. The imposition is transmitted from one life to another as a tradition. Asking this, director Le Hoang said that the deep cause of the principal from the male contemporar In ancient times now and in the countryside, this is heavier. People default to the leader are men. "The family has a patriarch almost as a princess in the house. The rice also had to follow him, he slept, everyone could not make noise ", Le Hoang analyzed
At the same time, according to Hua Minh Dat, he was a patriarch for their children. However, the actor affirmed that he only imposed on the cultural problem because he was less old, so sometimes not knowing, or asking for adults. The imposition of now is good for children. The actor acknowledges him with the chief with the children "about thinking or hobbies, I don't force you to do myself. For example, I am an actor but don't force you to go to the movie studio or show with three. The children are different from each of them. The gifted gifted in foreign languages, the kid's drawing is very beautiful, "Huhui reached sharing.

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