Huawei Aims To Return To The ‘vuong’ Smartphone

In a conversation with employees, President Huawei Guo Ping said it will regain its leading location smartphone market in the future.0: 00/1: 20 NAMTHEO CNBC, in FAQ for employees, President Huawei Guo Ping admitted: "The biggest difficulty is now mobile. We know that to produce small phones and energy-saving need advanced technology. Huawei can be designed but no one helps us to produce. We are stuck

. "Huawei's rotating chairman said one of its biggest issues is now Chinese chip manufacturing companies that are not able to create fairy semiconductor components At the request, making smartphone production severely affected. Outside an open shop of Huawei in Shanghai. Photo: Reuters, Mr
Guo said Huawei will not withdraw from the smartphone market. Instead, the company will cooperate with partners to improve technology, after taking advantage of access to the semiconductor produced by China. "Huawei will continue to exist in the field of mobile phones "Mr. Ping said. "I expect that, when the chip production capacity increases, Huawei will return to the throne in the smartphone market". In recent meeting, CEO Xiaomi Lei Jun even set the target to defeat Samsung to head Global Smartphone School in the next three years. However, experts believe that the company will have to be very difficult to reach this position. 2020, Huawei sells affordable smartphone brands and switch to other areas such as cloud computing, software. Thuc Anh (TH)

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