Huawei Wants To Lead The 6g Technology

The founder of Huawei in the world urged employees to work hard to overcome the US embargo, a standard 6g global set.Theo Nikkei, spoke in advance a group of scientists, researchers and real Huawei episode early last month, Mr. Nham Chinh Phi said the company will continue to develop 5G business and artificial intelligence, while attempting to work to gain the lead in the upcoming network technology. "Study Our 6G rescue is pre-prepared for a rainy day, we aim to win the 6G patent platform. We are not waiting until 6g become feasible because waiting to impose limitations on us due to lack of patents, "Mr

. Nham said. Huawei founder. (Photo: EPA) Huawei currently holds the number of standard essential patents (SEP) in the world's largest 5G technology
Sep covering the technology used in the industry standards and needed to produce devices compatible with those standards.Tuy is still on, 6g promises to open the door for more fictional applications, Includes fields of space research, Earth Science. As with 5g, 6g became a competitive point between major economies in the world. China prioritizes 6G technology as one of the areas of important research, and the US and Japan pour a lot of money into 6G development. Both the US and Japan are following China in the development and deployment of 5g. Ton Nham also discusses the impact of the US commercial sanctions with Huawei. He admitted that the smartphone department was heavily influenced by the ban.Huawei recorded the biggest revenue decline in the first half of this year, mainly due to the smartphone business. "Due to the US ban for the past 2 years, we no longer use the best component to produce the best products." Instead, Huawei uses other suitable components to create high quality products, improve profits
Do so, Mr. Nham affirmed will not give up its own semiconductor development through the Hisilicon Technologies chip department . Huawei has invested in more than 20 firms involved in chips, according to denying the US embargo defeated Huawei. 76-year-old founder said: "There are no chaos in the company. The company is uniting more than ever and even attracting more talents ". And cattle at the foot of the mountain to provide stable food for people who are climbing ".huawei will continue to recruit the world's leading talent, even from the US, with a higher salary than other markets Export. Nikkei once reported Huawei to enhance the reception of foreign personnel, especially in Europe. Mr. Nham said Huawei is in a strategic development and survival period, so there must be enough talent to rush forward.Du Lam (according to Nikkei)

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