Human Love In The Cold Wind Head Of Thach Lam Writer

Thach Lam is a famous writer with a good and gentle writing. His literary made the reader vibe with the smallest details. The first cold wind was a typical short story for the style of Thach Lam, no matter what, what kind of misery, and his love always appeared warm. Photo Internet Literature is born and raised in the family of the original civil servant. He was born in 1910 in Hanoi, but lacked the time lived mainly in his hometown, Cam Giang district, Hai Duong province

. Although there was a large appearance, his health was not good. Dong Anh Family, Dad lost early, so the economy was difficult. By the time the jar is married, life is not much better
Diamonds were born once alarmed, then joined the self-reliance of the Group. He left when the talent was brilliant. His personality was reversed by dance: "Thach Lam loves life than anyone. Mr. Quy from a glass of hot tea, solemnly put on his mouth almost glass ... as if thanking the sky, he lived to enjoy so well. I carefully used a sentence to her selling because of afraid of missing words .
. causing people to be done and sad. Rhinestones are gently standing ... he is a unique talented person with humility, small people that the big personality ". According to the rating of the dance, it seems, from outside to come in literature, personality Rhinestones are the same, are gentle, careful, meticulous. In many literary literary works left for life, notably with short stories of cold wind in the early season was printed in the early wind set in 1937.Than Lam drew the atmosphere at the end of the past. People treat each other closely, know how to love each other, though not a family member. Photo of this short story, first, we know the space and the end of the eastern space then: "Today morning, winter suddenly came to notify in advance. Just day yesterday, it was warm and sunny and sunny, the sun at the end of October ripped the field, and dried the falling leaves "." , then where the cold came to make people think in the middle of the winter ". "Always the wind of Vi Vu makes a small dust, blowing away dried leaves. Heaven doesn't overcame, full of opaque white. The orchids in the pots, vibrating leaves and shaped iron because of cold ". East Indenthat lay came suddenly, not notice, surprise people, no different from the end of the year. The story later talked about painted families. How to tell gentle, the details are not strange compared to real life. Cold light, Son Tung blanket wake up, the child is sleeping, mother and sister, fire fans to make tea drinks, everyone wears a shirt cold. Later, Son Luyen was left the old shirt, detailing the readers to make a mistake, it was when the mother took the old shirt of a child, but he died from the year to 4 years old, causing the mother to straw Asking tears. Lach Lam was delighted when there was a description of the manifestation of the person in front of the cold: "Son took the cup of hot tea in the face, into the cheek for warm and let the eye into the cup for slightly upright." . This detailed everyone saw, but it was not a delicate writer like Thach Lam. Dinh Son also had old breasts, suggesting that family was quite fake. But their lives seem very simple. Sister Son is also very harmless, listening to his mother. The old breasts also have a known way of life, know me. So throughout the story, I don't see that they have a conflict. The story begins to have a knot when you paint to the market: "The paint house turns back into the market, next to a row of the leaves of the poor Son knew, because they still borrowed at home paint. Son knew the children of those families would probably now wait for them at the end of the market to fight, hit the session, so the market was absent. The windy shops are windy, dirt garbage scattered with the fallen leaves of the torture. The wind blows strongly to paint cold and spicy eyes. But the horizon in more than every day, the villages in far away were clear as close. The depthsal grounds and nooks of small lines, chamling down the tongue of the two sisters ".so with the children, the paint sister is beautiful and warmer. But their sisters did not show out alienation or Channel Channel. On the contrary, they showed a human love. When I painted "the porch is a girl with neighbors, you with Lan and Duyen. Son saw she called it and walked up, walking approaching, saw her with a roamer standing next to the shop, only wearing a torn shirt, opening the back and hands ". catch snails. Son asked her to go home to get the old cotton shirt for the porch. After a while after the mother knew, especially when she painted again, she saw that the mother and daughter was standing talking to her mother. Mother of the Porch told the mother of Son: "I see it wearing a cotton shirt, I ask now. He told his painting for it. I know you're joking here, so I have to hurry here to pay. Well, now I ask my brothers to go home. "" Mother Son asked: - Does the porch haven't a shirt?

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