Hundreds Of Needles In The Coast In The Us

The beachman when he reached the famous coast Jersey Shore in New Jersey State (USA) recently forced to find another play after the government discovered hundreds of needles into the shore.0: 00/1: 36 : NBC New York According to Sputnik, NBC New York local newspaper said the beach weekly staff from Sandy Hook to Long Branch saw a lot of needles. Monomuth beach alone had tens of needle tip. Katherine Gough, a patrol person discovered the needles, said: "I wear gloves and have picking tools so I don't have to touch it . However, many people asked and we don't know what happened "

.NCB New York reported on the phenomenon of needle in New Jersey: although this worrying incident made New Jersey beach to be temporarily played The door is over the weekend and warning with the beachman, but most of the beach has opened the same page 12/7 after thorough investigation. Local organs guess that this needle number appears on the Bang Bang New beach Jersey due to recent storms that swept across the area and sewage systems throughout northern Jersey and the nearby New York City were overflowed. Photo: NBC New York Bong Mike Castellano, Chairman of the Branch of surfing people Jersey Shore said every time this area has storms, many types of garbage began to go to shore in the following days
Previous investigation made by local officials showed that the needle into the city wastewater system It is because someone discharges the needle down to the toilet because of the need to throw the needle into the trash. Before, New Jersey Beach also has many needles for injection and O shore. Photo: In the reality, in California, this situation loses control so that the needle is discharged into a toilet causing serious damage to wastewater systems in public green spaces in Sacramento, forcing officials It is necessary to spend money. When the New Jersey area is about to welcome the storm again, the condition of the needle in the coast may still happen.

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