Hundreds Of Tons Of Bitter Melon Truss In Hong Son (wage) Waiting For Consumption

Hong Son is the land of the famous bitter melon land of Do Luong district, but due to the influence of Covid-19 epidemic, this year's bitter melon crop is difficult to consume. According to the harvesting momentum, the whole commune has about 300 tons of bitter melon in need to be consumed 9: 00/2: 12nam northern bitter melon this year, Mr. Le Duc Tien family in Xom 1, Hong Son commune (Do Luong) Planting over 2 sough. Family's melon gardens are grown since June, until this time is the case but the melon does not sell. "Before August 20, when the district of Do Luong was not insulated society under Directive 16, Bitter melon prices are exported for sale for 15,000 VND / 1kg

. After social isolation, loofah fell on vertical prices, down to 8,000 VND / kg, then 6 thousand / kg, so far the price is only 4,000 VND / kg, but very few traders come to buy. " Mr. Tien also added, the last round of the family's melon did not have a buyer, nine gold, had to pour the substance into 2 large pilees, about 3 quintals "
Before the Social isolation day in directive 16 of the player General government, Bitter Garden of Mr. Le Duc Tien regularly harvested regularly, £ 15,000 / kg. Photo: Ngoc Phuong today, Hong Son commune has about 150 bitter melon growing, among them over 100 Average growing household per household over 1 pole. The total area of Bitter Melon is 6ha commune. For people of Hong Son commune (Do Luong), bitter melon trees are crops for main income. Average per seizure Income of over 10 million VND. Due to the long-term cultivation experience, combined with appropriate soil, each sago for harvesting about 2.5 tons. Bitter melon Hong Son is a clean and clean product Usually use biological baits in plastic bottles to attract and kill pests, do not spray deep - Mr. Pham Ngoc Dinh - Vice Chairman of the Commune People's Committee said
This point, very little driving G to Hong Son commune to buy melon, but also forced very low prices and bought in limited quantities. Care of growing, fertilizing, watering when sunshine, now the rises of fruits are gold gradually on the staging. Bitter bites out on the truss, but farmers do not want to harvest because the price is too low; A tortoise filled with bitter melon without a buyer. Photo: Ngoc Phuong Previously, to help farmers in Hong Son commune, organizing the Farmers' Association of Do Luong district also called on the Farmer's Association of communes to sell to help with bitter melon for farmers in Hong Son commune. However, the number of loofahs is also very few buyers. Before our eyes have been assigned to 33 Farmer's Association of 33 communes, towns, each association team helps people 30 kg of melon. Particularly, Trang Son farmers have registered to buy 1 quintal. Many commune farmers' associations have also posted on social networking sites to call for people to buy bitter melons. Dong Nguyen Cong An - Chairman of Luong Nuoc Farmers Association, Normal Bitter Melon for the end of October. Never , people in Hong Son commune (Do Luong) encounter a sad bitter melon crop like this year ... Ngoc Phuong

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