Hung Thinh And President Are Honored With Asian Excellent Business And Entrepreneurs 2021

After the evaluation process, censored, dated 11.30.2021, the organizers award Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards (APEA) 2021 has announced honor Hung Thinh Corporation - Corporate Excellence Award 2021 (Business Excellence Asia 2021), Chairman Nguyen Dinh Trung was honored in the category of special Master Entrepreneur award 2021 (Business excellence Asia 2021) ..

. 0: 00/0: 00Nu domain NamChung recognition and trophy awards Master Entrepreneur award 2021 (Entrepreneur excellence Asia 2021) for President Nguyen Dinh Trung.Trai over a year unremitting efforts, this is the big winner, pride for the Group and Chairman Hung Thinh Nguyen Dinh Trung passing 15 of APEA evaluation criteria such as more value is created and outstanding achievements; continuous improvement and innovation; sustainable development, reputed in the market; assess financial audits .
. As the head of the Group, Chairman Nguyen Dinh Trung always attaches importance to the creation, development and strengthening of corporate culture, management directed at people, people-centered. This is expressed through a series of policy benefits, attractive remuneration to employees are always motivated to work, create and have the best conditions to take care of themselves, in the context dinh.Trong Covid -19 started outbreaks in Vietnam since 2020 and complicated in 2021, businesses in all sectors and industries generally difficult. Before these challenges, President Nguyen Dinh Trung chose to face to find suitable direction, offering flexible policies to help businesses adapt to the new situation, instead of "hibernation" wait pandemic go qua.Gan 20 years, Chairman of the Board Nguyen Dinh Trung Hung Thinh leaders led strong growth and sustainable strategies by sharp, always uphold ethical business value, providing real products, true value, ensuring the best benefits for customers and for the flourishing tac.Tap union certification and Corporate excellence award trophy Category (excellent Enterprise Asia 2021) With experience across almost 20 in understanding the real estate market in Vietnam, Hung Thinh Group always create the conditions to bring the best solution for those customers who have real needs. Hung Thinh did this by building ecosystem optimal and sustainable help the Group to adapt to the changes of the times, quick to grasp new trends, and strengthen, elevated position, bring to new values - smart real estate market in Vietnam Nam.Nam 2020 - 2021 period the Group is flourishing focus switch towards a common goal of developing Hung Thinh become one of the Group's real Estate switch and apply the best technology in Vietnam. Accordingly, Hung Thinh has increased investment in technology and constantly standardize the management tools to enhance the management capacity and improve the experience of customers for products and services by the Group offer
Tap flourishing union made many meaningful activities through social welfare programs as well as support the work of prevention Covid-19.Khong only business activities efficiently and better care for life rolling staff, Hung Thinh Group also strives for sustainable development at the community, enhance social responsibility of enterprises. For years, the Group flourishing spend budget of nearly 1,000 billion to implement a series of humanitarian projects large and small in all regions of the country to contribute to alleviate the pain, share difficulties and spread good value, bring practical benefits to the community and society. Especially, in the year 2020 - 2021, Hung Thinh Group is one of the leading units in the accompanying national control and reverse the epidemic Covid-19 with a total budget contributed over 200 billion dong.Duoc said the Asia Pacific Enterprise awards 2021 awards 2021- APEA (business excellence Asia 2021) was initiated in 2007. This is a prestigious award in the area leading by Enterprise Asia - non-governmental organizations goods head of sales in Asia awarded in recognition of business excellence, continuous innovation and sustainable development, creating good value for the society. Is an annual award is organized in 14 countries and markets in Asia, APEA help connect leading entrepreneurs, creating a strong voice for the entrepreneurial spirit, and serves as a network of leaders. With the theme "Rebuilding efficiency", 2021 milestone of 15 years is present in Asia and 5 years in Vietnam of the United APEA.Hong

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