Hung Yen Label Lost Crops, Devaluation: Farmers Took Offset

Because the price is too low, this year is big or small, beautiful or beautiful and delicious, the relatives at the agricultural service cooperative commune Hoang Hanh also put all into the long drying kiln and considered to get a bundle. Hung Yen label people harvest labels. (Photo: Dinh Tuan / TTXVN) The relatives of the label follow the rules "lost crops, priced," this year the label will have a high price to get the value of output compensation. Moreover, this year the province organizes a conference to consume labels with quite a scale, the label will have a good opportunity to sell well. But this hope of cousin is like 'the wind

... It is difficult to consume and the price is not high
Specialized branch officers, said that it is said to lose crops, the low price is "to go against the common policy" ... according to Hung Yen growing households, the years ago average delicious labels cost from 35-60 thousand VND / kg, mass labels from 15-30 thousand VND / kg; Label is 10-12 thousand VND / kg. This crop, tea label soon is still lucky to hold the price as before. However, when at the time of the main time, the label price dropped but still difficult to sell.-35 thousand VND / kg; Tea label only 12-18 thousand VND / kg; Long labels are only from 7-9 thousand VND / kg, even in Khoai Chau, Phu Cu, An Thi, Kim Dong, Tien Lu, only 3-5 thousand VND / kg but still difficult to sell. , Label prices from 20,000 VND / kg are only less than 10,000 VND / kg, relatives must include Long drying oven. A series of kilns are opened more operating at full capacity, red night of fire, the house on the house of the drum label is still not in Tien Phong commune, An Thi district, said that this year Reducing half, delicious labels of the family before selling about 40-50 thousand VND / kg, this year only 20,000 VND / kg. With mass label years ago sold more than 20,000 VND / kg, this year Difficult to sell, have to solve the situation of putting into the long-label kiln
Luong The T. in Minh Tien commune, Phu Cu district, the family of the family has 2 tons, which is much like T6 If the previous years sold more than 20 thousand VND / kg, this year only sold for Longan Drying Kiln, the price of only 9,000 VND / kg, compensated and considered without interest. As a luckier than other households, many cheaper houses are still difficult. Nice or beautiful and delicious, then Hoang Hanh Also put on Long.theo drying kiln, every kilogram of every year is priced from VND 25-30,000, now put into drying long, "in the village," because long-term labels are less than 10 thousand / kg. Moreover, the current long label price is only 130-150 thousand VND / kg; Each kg long label needs from 8-10kg fresh fruit, along with the cost of breaking labeling, peeling, seed swirling, fuel kiln ... is considered no profit. With delicious labels that drie dry, there is a heavy hole, but there is no other way. Ho Khoai Chau district, according to district agricultural officers, this year the label price is lower than last year, only 6-10 thousand copper / kg due to Covid-19 disease should be difficult to consume. Hung Yen people harvest labels. (Photo: Dinh Tuan / TTXVN) Mr. Chu Van Vang, owner of garden labels with seniority in Binh Minh commune, said every year before the lowest wholesale fruits are also priced at 15,000 VND / kg, this year decreases this year Half, sometimes 3 thousand dong / kg is difficult to sell, only the only way is to put into a long drying oven. Also according to Mr. Vang, with cheap labels like this year, some households are cutting off to planting Pharmaceuticals. Practicing, the press reflects the loss of crops and prices fall at a low level. However, the leaders of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development said it was incorrect and reflecting such as "going against the general policy ..." a leader of the Department of Industry and Trade also affirmed that there is no story of the label price only From 3-5 thousand / kg, no labels are not sold, only the price is not according to the expectation of the growers of the label. Unable to pour for crop loss is in natural disasters. In addition to out-of-season external factors also due to the accumulated experience of label growers have not been promoted, not applicable science and technology into practice so that it is not entirely dependent on the weather. There are seniority in Hung Yen city affirmed that if you have an unfortunate weather, whatever experience or technology is "busting." Although there is a thorough calculation, when the rain is cold, it is still failed. As if the application of techniques to flowering, fruiting is not difficult, but if the flowers are on the flowers, they meet the rain. " After finishing, "Hoa will. Come when fruiting if the rain is in an unworthy sun, it is also broken ... /. Last post: Dream of a good sweet season (VNA / Vietnam)

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