Hung Yen – New Vitality From A Traditional Platform

Hung Yen is a concerned land with thousands of valuable ruins being preserved, the core of the national cultural identity, bringing the pride of the people here. The layers of cultural sediments are becoming a human resource, to create a new vitality.Theo talent, in the 16th century, 17 Hien Street is located on Hung Yen city land today. It used to be a famous commercial trade with the most busy and bustling trade activities. The royal time trace also imprinted in the ancient architectural works, in the practices, the lifestyle of the residential community here

. The city is conserving 182 cultural historical monuments and art architecture. Including 01 special national relics, 20 national ranking relics, 25 provincial relics; Nearly 100 beer signed and thousands of antiques with historical and cultural values. According to Statistics, Hung Yen province has over 1,200 ruins of all kinds including 165 relics, national ranking relics, 214 di Provincial levels and ranking rankings
The relics contain many physical cultural heritage such as Hoanh Phi, sentence, church, sharpness, Huong Cuong, Long cylinders, rules - crane ... Besides the value of history and culture still keeps Value of Architectural Art, Sculpture, Fine Arts of Vietnam in many historical stages. Thickening of the Red River Cultural Region, also kept over 400 festivals, in many festivals in bold literature wet rice as: rainfall festival, water procession, pull ...; Perlore - Tien Dung - a unique love festival in the country. Hung Yen province also preserves Ca trù singing, the type of art is recognized as an intangible cultural heritage that needs to be urgent protection of mankind; singing drums in Da Trach commune, Khoai Chau district is honored as a national intangible cultural heritage. Hung Yen Temple, building from the XVII century, a typical relic to honor the donation and tradition Long-term studious of Hung Yen people
Especially, the population of historical relics is kept in Hung Yen province reflecting the spirit of indomitable fight against foreign invades of the nation such as: "Dam Nhat Da", In the 6th century Million Queen (Trieu Viet Vuong) used as a basis for struggle to chase the salary; Ham Ham Door (Ham Tu Commune) - The mark against the fight against Nguyen Mong military to win the victory in 1285, Tran dynasty; Bai Say (Tan Dan commune) about Bai Say's revolt is led by Nguyen Thien Thuat from 1885 - 1892 one of the revolts of the Nu Vuong movement at the end of the 19th century against the capital of the French colonialism. History and long-term development have left for Hung Yen a historical asset and invaluable culture and the Red Red Red River are associated with the love story "Chu Dong Tu - Tien Dung". These are human resources that are exploited by Hung Yen province to develop the cultural tourism products of the smokeless industry. New life from the traditional platform through time, regional cultural sediments Land "Pho Hien" is becoming a human resource, including the object culture heritage of Hung Yen province which are ancient works, bold culture such as Dinh Hien, Temple, Linh Ung Pagoda , Dong Do Quang Hoi, Bell Pagoda, Thousand Years of Buddha, ... In Heritage, Donate Pagoda Built from the Tran Dynasty, currently retains some statues available from the nineteenth century, plates Beer with dates: Vinh Tao Saturday (1625) and Vinh Thinh 5th (1709). In front of the temple yard, there are two particularly rare and rare ancient stone stones, hosting many historical materials to the process of cousin of Hien Xua street. This is also the only place for the remaining tree label (from the 16th century) of the leaves and fruits for each year. I pressed on a tree label more than 400 years old in Hung Yen city. The cage label advancing king known from the XVI-century was still transmitted by people as a treasure of his homeland. In the obscurity coating in 1776, Mr. Le Quy Don's house once wrote about Hung Yen's cage label "Every time he put in his mouth, the tongue tongue has came to the tongue with a fragrant like the holy water for the past. Up to now, the Red River, Boiled River annually encourages Hung Yen fertile alluvial, crystallization so the sweet aromatic flavor for left-handed labels for tourists every ripe label. People of cage labels are always proud of this quarter of this quarter, not only delicious, but Hung Yen cage labels also meet the strict standards of food safety, to come to domestic and foreign markets . The green cage labels are good, wrong with the roads, in each garden or stretching on the paths of small neighbors, all formed the uniqueness of Hung Yen countryside. Currently, it has been developed into a large, annual commodity area for a few tens of thousands of tons, providing a source of thousands of billions of dongs per year. HONG Châu commune people, Hung Yen city care for land The company is not only in a reputation label, in recent years, Cam Hung Yen is known by domestic consumers. The whole province of Hung Yen currently has a total area of orange planted nearly 2.

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