‘hunting’ Jackpot Anywhere, Why Not?

Many people are buying vietlott tickets regularly via Vietlott SMS channel for everyday entertainment, even during the season with the purchase utility anywhere of this type. 65,000 people who have lucky through Vietlott SMTral Let's lottery is very normal wishes of everyone, especially when they buy Mega 6/45 and Power 6/55 product tickets of Vietlott. In particular, Power 6/55 with Jackpot 1 is nearly VND 35 billion and Jackpot 2 is over 3.1 billion dong. The Jackpot of Mega 6/45 has just increased from the starting point of 12 billion VND to more than 13 billion dong

. The Jackpot value is calculated until the evening of 14 / 7. Especially at the stage of translation of Covid-19, the current complicated movement is today , Many ticket points have to pause the operation to the translation room. But not so that the lottery player must give up the daily routine
Even while in blockade, social ways, players can still own themselves Vietlott numbers by buying via phone - Vietlott SMS channel.VietLott sms comes from December 23, 2020, Up to now have more than half a year and quickly recorded more than 220,000 registered accounts. Only through this channel, Vietlott paid awarded nearly VND 50 billion, including a Jackpot - Mega 6/45 worth more than VND 29 billion and a Jackpot 1 more than 3.4 billion, with the first 62 prizes Power 6/55 ( 40 million VND / prize) and 165 first prizes Mega 6/45 (VND 10 million / prize). In particular, in 65,000 winners from Vietlott SMS, 40,000 people won more than once. WOW! Images MobiFone subscribers who receive Jackpot more than 29 billion VND from Vietlott SMS The above numbers show that Vietlott SMS is truly a transformer at the time of the Lottery Industries in general and Electric Lottery Company Vietlott math in particular. Through this channel, the player only installs the application to the smartphone to register for an account, then link the e-wallet or bank card to buy tickets and receive quick bonuses. Vietlott SMS: "Everything is too convenient Benefits! "Regularly buy lottery tickets from Vietlott SMS, Mr. PV (35 years old, workers in Ho Chi Minh City High-tech Zone) commented:" Everything is too convenient! Morning, I open the app to buy tickets Dark open up numerical detection. But sometimes not to be detected, it has received a wishes to win the bonus, if you have a hit ticket "
The Anh Giap, during the prize of about half a year, he won dozens of tournaments. All the lower winning money is automatically paid by Vietlott to the bank account that he has linked to Vietlott SMS account. Bui Viet Dung (office staff) is working at home for more than a month? Share: "Thanks to Viettlott SMS, no matter what size I don't miss any of Mega 6/45 and Power 6/55. Feeling afraid of I don't participate and look at the" explosive "jackpot again sorry" . Is a young generation citizen, Dao Huy Viet (IT staff) also considered Vietlott SMS as a modern entertainment game. According to Vietnam, new technology products such as Vietlott SMS are worth experience, especially for young people. "My small part of your income spends on Vietlott's Mega 6/45 lottery tickets but only buy via electricity Voice for fast. Many times I just imagine I'm just an employee who hit a tens of billions, what will it be ... ", Vietnam shared and said the dream of establishing a small company in programming. General The number of people who buy lottery tickets via Vietlott SMS channel is to capture fast technology and are willing to receive new, convenient and saving time. In addition, they have faith in Vietlott as a state-owned company and technology technology that has been certified in security. To buy Vietlott lottery tickets over the phone, users only need to install the same application Applying to your smartphone: With Mobifone "Vietlott SMS Mobifone", with Vinaphone Vietlott "Vietlott SMS Vinaphone", with Viettel "Viettel SMS". These apps are available on Google Play (for Android users) and App Store (for iOS users). After installing and activating the application, users enter the phone number to register for an account and perform Steps to authenticate information according to the instructions. Vietlott's solution and network operators provide maximum convenience for players, from buying tickets, detecting results, receiving rewards to look up related information. Learn more at: https: // vietlott. VN / VI / Choi / SMS / vietlott-smsp.v

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