Representatives of a foreign investment fund specializing in capital investments in startups (Startup) in their land revealed that they found a common error in many businesses. That's not, or less interested in questions and complaints of customers on online channels. - Know where they ignore because there are customers' requirements that are absurd or difficult to meet in the current capacity At? - On the website Booking Flights, booking hotels or car rental in developed countries, customers always visit the comment section and "grading" of those who have bought the service. If most feedback is unhappy, automatically they will ignore. And vice versa, if the page is very sympathetic and positive, the searcher will become a customer

. The more demanding requirements, the more it considered to be promoted to progress, not. - So that is in customer relations, businesses always have to be "cute"? - Which business wants to go far, must invest more for the management of care and customer response. The goods or services are there errors, the criticism from customers will be useful to know the repair line
If you can't respond immediately, respecting the buyers' comments also create sympathy so they come back. The opportunity to grow immediately in the place where customers are criticized, don't ignore.

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