Husband Carrying A Daughter To His Hometown, And Is The Core Jar Of His Wife, Cdm Expressed: ‘see Without Tears’

The clip of his father was about to prepare to prepare his daughter to his hometown, the front of the basket was the jar of ashes of the late wife, who also watched no tears. When Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong and the provinces Male easing ways, many families, freelance workers have returned to their hometown to reduce the economic burden. After the dates of fighting with the epidemic, everyone wants to return, find peace in the countryside. On the returnment of repatriation after the days of being away from the countryside, because he will never know the city Each person tries to bring all the remaining "talents", which are valuable items or including items that can still be used such as plugs, electric kettles, clothes hooks, Electric rice cooker .

.. Notably, the "special inventory" of the man in the clip posted on the MXH makes anyone watching the tightening, his luggage and small daughter is the wife's religion Loitation. Newly here, the father and son returned to his hometown according to the 'special inventory' causing many people not to remotely
It was the jar of the wife, the mermanent mother. As well as many poor people, after months of net fighting with epidemics, exhaustion economy could not return, the man decided with a small daughter to ride a motorbike. After preparing all Furnished furniture, the ash of the wife was placed on the motorbike basket, carefully attached the surrounding tape to ensure a long journey. Many young people in the inn also came to support two father and son. The picture of the girl sitting in front of the motorbike looked over and looked at the three with the attached attachment to the road to make the viewer without tears. The scenery of roasty roasts raised children, others only dedicated to seeing the clip, this man was Mr. Huu (SN 1983, An Giang). The couple and his little daughter took each other to Binh Duong to make a living. Wife as a worker, her husband made a lake to cover life but unfortunately, the epidemic robbed his wife's life. The father and daughter lived in a room for 4 months
On the city, the couple encouraged each other at the end of time to do business, have a reputation for the daughter of a whole Tet. But now, only you and my daughter return to Loi. After posting, the clip quickly attracted the attention of many people, everyone feels too much and praying for 2 parents will be peaceful, Happiness in the future. "Thuong was too lose. When I go, I hug my son behind my car, when I just left every 2 father. I just hope you are always a shore to protect your daughter Looking forward to 2 dads are always peaceful, "Binh Nguyen's account." Looks of children with their children's age, I'm too small to know the pain of losing mom, to remember about beautiful memories of mother. Looking forward And my father was happy and lucky, read without tears, many of the pitiful circumstances in this epidemic ", Mi Nguyen expressed." This will be the whole family trip together, along Follow each other back to his homeland and their loved ones after the hardship and hard days. Commercial 2 children, read it too much ".ni Tran (General)

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