Husband Does This Every Day May Be Out Of Love With His Wife

From an exemplary wife, with him, you now suddenly become never good enough and can't do anything right. On the holidays, celebrate this is the first stage of marriage. . When love, men are active gifts, creating unexpectedly during holidays and celebrations. But after marriage a few years, he felt that things were no longer important and would ignore everything

. Even a busy excuse, don't remember those days. This is a sign he is feeling bored with you, no longer want to create a surprise for you to be happy. The ceremony only gives gifts as easy procedures to know a husband boring wife when he doesn't give gifts, nor Flowers on memories, he didn't even remember them
But what about your husband still giving gifts on those special days? If he only gives gifts and ... doesn't have anything else. Without sweet words, no feelings, don't take you to eat ... It shows that the gift is just an obligation, he has absolutely no love with his wife. Illustration. Faded, the 'cuddling' for men will become a responsibility
In order to avoid answering wife's questions, they often try to attempt to pay a full post. However, different is that he has no interest in! He started and ended "as fast as a wind". If this often happened even if he was completely healthy before, it was when she should ask questions: Why? Can you be unhappy in your wife or even someone else outside to "satisfy"?! Put everything else in front of a busy life with hundreds of interest, but one The man who loves his wife will always place his wife and family in a priority position. In contrast, men have no feelings, they will try to fill all their time gaps with other things and don't want their wives. Go to the weekends, when you want to go with her husband to rest, du Calendar somewhere or at least two spouses at home together enjoy movies, cooking ... then he went out to play tennis, kicking the ball ... or any other reason for as long as not House. About the disadvantages of wife with others The female tends to tell her husband's disadvantages with friends, but men often keep sealed. Nobody is perfect, but those who really love focus on the advantages, not the disadvantage. If the husband publicly humilias you or laughs on your failures, don't expect anything What is nice from this relationship. By criticizing you in front of others, he unconsciously tried to prove that it was your fault and maybe he no longer loved you. Studitation (T / H)

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