Husband Made A New House To Celebrate The New House To Get A Wife And Her Neighbor ‘to Say’ A Southern Sentence With Her Mother-in-law Recently Hitting The Dark Face

My husband does not normally close mother with daughters, but see I was bullied so she stood up for the humiliation caused neighbors to abandon today ve.May busy cleaning their homes, now have time to network "guillotine wind" with sisters. Before all went black about everyone, today I confided to my own mother heard. There's not terribly much but I want to spread my little joy to everyone, hope you have more confidence in nhan.Toi married married life so far is the 4th year already

. House my husband pretty tortuous family circumstances, his parents used to be giants in the city but then bankruptcy should be moved to the countryside. Hardly managed to grandparents raising 3 children who eat school success, my husband is the eldest should always staunch the things in the house with her parents. Energize his affection, plus handsome room ceiling, despite language I in the village to pursue
My family really protest by my condition than his house, but found I insisted should marry her parents had nodded for girls commute home dau.Ve husband then remains apartment 3 roof space , backyard intact huge pigsty. I do officials in town every morning and dress is turn out, there is today a business trip with colleagues by driving cross over to the house for some appliances, people looked at my husband finished just looked at each type afraid. I understand what they think should also not justified, brick walls so can assess a nguoi.Chong I capital should he progress, business tinkering everything, first agricultural trade, after trafficking building materials. Losses should pretty much discouraged him very well, he hired round the orange plantations I had to sell all gold wedding gave her husband. Fortunately, it wins big orange case, interest is hundreds of millions, he gave me all mental. Then you hear a wholesale broker advises building materials, he risked his wife borrowed 20 million to import goods and then to profit. Work so favorable development, gradually my wife and I also accumulate a dish quite large. (Artwork) After I lay won election to her first, my husband opened small companies, installment purchase additional ones pickup trucks to cargo
Everyone around started to envy my wife, whispered cry do not understand that much money for that. I still do civil servants in town, a monthly salary of only 7-8 million but comfortable spending never have to ask my wife chong.Cuoi last year inventory of assets with their heads, that more than 1 billion in the bank, then building a new home should give the husband told his wife. He loved me for the husband hardship, poverty clink he still agreed to marry him, from now on then nothing he did to me before. Hear my husband say so happy, I cried while embracing the old convent building tu.Dap house 2 months, the service we have to suspend construction. Husband to gain time to go for plants and flowers on to the garden, I like to eat fruit, so he thanks distant friends traveled buy good seedling nursery sent home again. It took 7 months to be completed new home, 3 storey house appear like a dream that my wife and I hugged tears in less interior mat.Sap ratings rudimentary, my husband told select beautiful day open housewarming party. He just invited them every village with a few close friends to share the fun, but also lost nearly 20 trays. I'm busy all day greeting congratulations, to the evening as he sat eating a bite of rice, the sister to play the next-door neighbors. Listen to introduce my husband to give his wife are building houses, he thanked his wife and tasting honey are thorns, her neighbors say makes me pout oi.- news release giời Ouch, he kept saying too so but I find his wife do anything, dressed up all day just sitting stamped ward miscellaneous write papers. Smart money is money and you build a house for his wife's ward boss in secret there, I saw her go with one ma.Toi requests have angry purple face barely even say anything, her mother stood up roller dam: - Eat say to be careful grandchildren. She did not know what her profession, but during the day the streets late at night, then revealing skirt appears chunky, daytime many builders come here boy asking her if she is home. They find her grandchildren do not know, but for years she did not see her husband, but suddenly protrude 2 kids, right, father any child like you are not even similar. Her house in ruins too well and know, for someone kind they built for the new go! Mom said as she finished her neighbors held their breath, choking swallow does not drift too chicken to stand up away for always. News suddenly I was extremely funny, but some neighbor then black Bangladesh applause praise my mother "cool". Recognized my mother-less to say, I was not close to much but she defended her daughter out of hand really high up! The Aries / Alarm Fatherland

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