Husband Moved The House, His Wife Was Razing When He Said The Trigger

After hearing, I just saw sadness, it was the ambition of my husband to be too big over 9: 00/3: 20 male husband my husband married from 2017 but experienced a lot of windows and events. The two-party families are not quite fake so their couple also told each other to try to save our saving. Our wish is to have a stable house, giving birth to a durable and long-term happiness. In general, a child has been completed half, I now have a 3-year-old boy. Happy couple is also very peaceful, my husband is not a girl, he is very common for nature Epilation

. However, the new stable housing problem is really a very serious thing I want to confide. My husband moved very well, in the past 4 years that my husband and I moved to 3 times .
. Initially, when I took each other, two children save VND 300 million, if they buy apartments at the time It is very difficult, because every normal apartment also costs about and a half, 2 billion VND. I proactively speak to her husband in a hired house, the other money sends savings, gradually earning a lot of time to buy a house Apartment. Buy cheap houses well, safely set up more importantly. Besides, my needs are not much, I just need a small peaceful happy home. My husband wants to buy a nice, good home from the beginning and install it. That year, he was confident with his salary of 20 million VND / month would be enough to pay the debt soon. Finally, I had to listen to my husband and accepted to face many risks. I borrow everywhere, then we have a total of 700 million, the house where I bought is 1.8 billion
It seems to repay the debt that will be beautiful, doubt when repairing, buying furniture in the new home arises too much. Loans, they need money urgently, they are constantly urging, collecting debt make my husband extremely TB. I'm worried about the fever, the day and night sleep is not still, just a pregnancy, so it's really hard to overlap. The stepping is on my husband and wife. I don't understand what kind of husbands have to sell that house for 2 billion and a half. So we grew more than 500 million after deducting the interior costs incurred. Hey, my husband has just enlightened a very silly truth that he supposed to be true: buying and selling interest in interest make money. It was for this reason, my couple moved to 3 times since taking each other until now. There was a big interest in hand, my husband still didn't stop ambition. I said if you like to buy a real estate, why not transfer to real estate brokers. I told my house to move to, fixing properly to be careful, selling high prices. Which has 1001 things to be taken, worried while my child is small. From the day to taking each other up to now, we have no longer owe anymore, only this movement really makes me bothered. Wide before, I saw her husband quietly cleaning furniture in the house, for example British winter clothes Allowed in the barrel, then books, stationery ... I asked her husband, then he said a trigger: "He moved back to move again. From now until the end of the year I got a few hundred million, spoiled for eating Warm Tet ". But now I just want to live peacefully in a place, how do I move so much. My spring is not long, now I want to give birth to a second child. So if now persuades her husband and dragging to give birth, does he stop their ambitions? In particular, I also saw her husband who prepared to quit his job at the company, ie he wanted to stick With this profession for a long time. It's too tired, this unstable man will be hard to live in a lifetime ... according to MB / Vietnamese lives

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