‘husband Must Raise His Wife’ – The Viewpoint Caused The Rights And Woman U50 Drastically Controversed

Resolutely maintain the viewpoint of every advice from preventing, tips to receive the bleeding ending. Appear in the latest set of the show you want to date, Ms. Vo Ngoc Thao (Cooking for foreign families) and Mr. Dang Thanh Tan (forklift) received the enthusiastic support of two MCs with the audience. Not only in 1978, the couple had a common point was all "missed 1 boat", to the program with the desire Finding a sincere partner

. Boys have 7 years of living with ex-wife but because of making money to make money, busy with life rotation that unknowingly lose each other. According to the arrangement of parents but then break up only after .
. 3 months. Ngoc Thao shared, from a princess at home, had to serve 9 people in her husband, causing Ngoc Thao to collapse, decided to divorce. Ngoc Thao was married at 24 years old but then divorced after ... 3 Months because they could not compromise to serve 9 husbands after seeing each other, the couple had a time of talking and thinking about the enemy about marriage. While Mr. Thanh Tan wants to quickly move together, Ngoc Thao said at least to learn a few years ago.Nghe came here MC Quyen Linh advised: "Actually age 2 you can't wait anymore , So a few years it's longer
What do you need in a man I say go to shorten the road ". Charitating about this issue, Ngoc Thao said can take care of themselves and always Economic confidence. Deficos of staggering: "My view is" my wife does not have a husband ". The husband must raise his wife, but it is impossible to have a husband's husband". Breeding a wife "" Mr. Mai "The Rights Linh is clearly unjustly said:" The husband's husband and husband and wife are not important here. When I have been done, love is big enough, whoever is not important " . I'm afraid I'm named the car. I should open my heart. "After listening to the advice of MC Quyen Linh, the woman U50 resolutely keep the school to follow the end of the" Controversy "between MC Quyen Linh And dearly, Mr. Thanh Tan also It is not that it is not that the man is the same and it has come here to look at everything simply, more positive: "My point of saying that he thought was right 1 part but I thought the man Who is the same? I have to know the comment and open my heart. Come here, give each other the opportunity to go. I look at everyone in black, my life is never bright ". Not emotional. Straight boys, urgently recommend that the female should open more, positive thinking and he is the one who refuses to date without vibrating

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