Husband Shipping Anti-epidemic Food, Wife Wife Because Of Being Asked: Does So Have Money?

Posts received storms like with many praise for couples for couples.0: 00/2: 47 nam southerners have a lot of stories full of people in the past days between people and recipients, to tell them Probably don't know what time it is. However, in the perspective of a person in the rear, watching the husband and the end of the front line to contribute to everyone, the even more and more deep in the volunteers to fight against the epidemic are not only human love , the meaning of compatriots, but also the devotion, the lipstick is hard to describe with his homeland. Saigon. Just the very familiar images in these epidemic days, are still a volunteer vegetables, protective blue shirts but every share of the footsteps make the pictures more emotional

. " Her husband goes against epidemic. These days are still hardening to serve Saigon. For you, love your homeland, loves a big country
(Photo: Diem Nguyen) these days, Saigon where he loves it than all is hitting the epidemic. From before the translation, he was worried about his mother and his mother to live comfortably. He alone stayed in Saigon to serve. At the beginning, he helped the doctor in the quarantine. He carries food for quarantine. In these days, when the transportation and movement in Saigon are really difficult, he still pervasives and his brothers and sisters do not break. (Photo: Diem Nguyen) Her husband, for more than 13 years of marriage. No time I see you so happy. For him, only need to be dedicated to Saigon, he is happy enough. Looking at him wearing protective suits, wearing a mask during the early days, he saw how big he was for Saigon, because more than anyone else, he understood, his husband couldn't get hot
joke. Doing so have money? He said: "The country is facing difficulties and society how many people are falling into a deadlock, I don't let go, why do you say that." So my husband is angry with me. (Photo: Diem Nguyen) I don't blame your husband, I support my husband to do it. I know it's joy, is your happiness. I don't do much. Can only manage economically, take care of themselves and children are so good for their husband to be fully intended to dedicate to Saigon he loves. The epidemic outbreaks, his economy affects many, but he said he was Here, let go is too lucky, so you spend everything you have to let Saigon.Mong Saigon strong - love - unite to overcome all ". (Photo : Diem Nguyen) The very carefree anger of the husband although his wife was joking, but it was enough to show his seriousness and sincerity to Saigon. More than ever, Saigon needs very people who are ready to stop like a husband in the story, the wife who understands like Diem Nguyen. The sacrifice, those sweats whispered but still worthy of going to go. Where do you go necessarily to get back. Hopefully the encouragement and praise of the netizens will partly help their couples in the story as well as hundreds, thousands of people quietly participate in volunteering against epidemics like that have more strength to complete mission eersei (synthesis)

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