Husband Suddenly Went To Take A Bath, When She Looked At The Invoice At The End Of The Month, The Wife Realized The Strange And The Cruise Of Sophisticated Game

In the past year, Khang even bathed. Then about a month ago, he was in it. The change of husband made pedestrants doubt.02 / 4: 41 southern people still say, women with the sixth sense are extremely sensitive. Just a tiny change from the opponent also does not overcome their eyes

. In fact, a lot of things demonstrated for that. Children also pointed out their own secret of her husband through changing such habits. Suddenly changed the habit of shampooing, causing his wife to see Nghi or Zhou and Khang Chung lived for nearly 8 years
Marriage life must be a lot of responsibilities, busy, tired than the singles. However, Lucky Nhi did not see it as "grave" as many friends still asked .Khang - Her husband was slightly lazy to do housework, playing with children but also earned money, 4-5 times more wife. When you are free, you can don't move your hand, you go soccer, gather your friends and go to the game. I play it sometimes very inhibited, but her husband is not fit, why rice husk: "You are too good Then, Ham is happy but the whole pleasure is inexpensive. Going to kick the ball to lose a few cops, drink water, so much? I should look at this positive side but proud of my husband. At all, hiring the help. Hi Luong Anh brought you all, but not it, I like to dig what I pepper. You are tired and have to entertain it, don't arrest your day to do it on making Osin's family? ? "Nhi also loved but Khang alone her, then left worked her own work. When the anger calmed out, she thought again
Finally, children learn how to ignore their husband's indifference with their families. And instead of hiding jobs to be frustrating, she decided to hire more help. "Just worry, what to do, what to do? What do I do with my husband." - Nhi thought. I rented a job. Life then was a relaxed part. Nhi has more rest time, playing with you. However, she suddenly discovered a slightly strange change from her husband. Don't know exactly when, but when she noticed, it was about a month, and Khang suddenly bathed for a long time. Previously 10-15 minutes was including the shampooing time, but Khang now stood there are nearly 1 hour. Let me wonder asking her husband, he was crowded: "Going to the bath is also controlled. I soaked Tank should be a little longer. "Then stack like that, she softened her voice again:" No, I'm a bit strange so I asked. You have a shocked you're stuck with me? "Last month water bill made The wife was startled and the journey to expose Vituu's game, at the end of the month, when receiving the bill of water, the children were unexpected. Except for her bathing twice the time out of time there is anything but money is rushed and a half ago? Prove that all the time to bathe, Khang just flushed the water rumbling and not soaked as he said. The suspicion of women made children decide to learn carefully. The decisive decision will let 2 kids play together, notice a little when her husband goes a bath. At night, Khang walked the ball and rushed to the bathroom. He closed the door, started to discharge the water at the strongest level, the sound of rushing, adding the music roaring from her husband's phone, the pediatric phone with the door without hearing anything. Don't detect anything Usually, but the spirit told her something was wrong. Nhi passed around, then pressed her ear against the bathroom wall. At this point, she heard very small sound as if Khang was talking to someone. It is unclear, but she claims it's not a music like a moment. The Identity is dimly diminated, the husband suddenly bathes twice a long time, 3 times before it is a reason, not good for health like I said. Then waiting until Khang out of there, she went around a while ... she looked around without seeing anything unusual. Remembering the hide game in the water tank toilets happened to see it, she flipped up the lid. Unexpectedly, in which a sealed plastic box. Nhi opened, including a phone. The problem was why there was this phone, if not Khang, anyone else? What do you do with this phone, is probably contacting the person? In the pediatrics just thought of that, she wanted to beat immediately. Going to the bedroom questioning her husband, arresting him open right in front of her. At this time, Khang was indisputable, he confessed to call a video for a hot young girl every day. "I just chat, not to see or do anything ... I'm just not interested in the story of my blanket with me, so I choose this way." The confession of Khang made children dumb. She was in pain because her husband would rather do it through the screen with a strange girl and more than touching his wife. That night, the couple sat back and talked straight into each other about the problems I was unhappy with the opponent. As long as they did it for a long time. Although there are many "truths losing heart", both children and Khang then are more comfortable, they realize themselves have a lot of errors when making the marriage cool cold, bland. I always easily see erruds

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