Husband Walking With The Wife’s Wife For 5 Years, The Thick Time Turns About The Red Book

I don't understand why he thinks nothing but opening her mouth to speak like that. While he knows, this house is self-employed for my money. How many years I live hard, Making Hungry Make money to build a house and he went to the couple to be happy and happy. The day to work too tiredly, time to go to the social network to read the network to see the image of the whole husband Taking care of my wife and small family I bent. While I didn't have a part of them, I had a husband and didn't make me many times and only wishes like my husband 1 -2 Part as the husband's husband is good to know a few

. I and my husband love each other voluntarily and make the wedding is completely voluntary. Although my house and my house are different village, but in the same commune. So 2 houses are only less than 4km apart
But the love day because love is too rushed that I don't learn specific. I love you, I just believe your words. When I am married, I am just broken, he is a very gambling person, betting, the offer. How much money he never can give to his wife and children. He even borrowed another external borrowed 1, which made me sometimes to take his money to pay the debt to her husband. I never cared about how my mother died. Since I was pregnant when I was born, I never asked to see if my wife and I want to buy a gourd milk wife. When I was 3 months old, I went to the song Now now. For the past five years, how many times I called him informing the house, but he told his wife, "she thought me as died" or "she took care of himself, I was useless," " Have a new wife. She took care of himself
"... These verses haunted me when I was peaked. Many times because it was too bored with his situation when she was a bad husband, I just wanted to hug my suicide. But then I thought, died like that, I wore my life too and suggested with me too. So I stood up to do it again. Every month to have money, I actively translate more, collaborating with many places. The question. Therefore, thanks to the last 5 years and thanks to their parents, the foreign sisters added, I built a spacious 4-level house for 2 mother and daughter. When the house had just built it, it was the time My husband returned after 5 years to live with Bo. He returned home in a non-penudgeting situation because of losing and 1 pile of debt 150 million. I heard he was kicked by the old man because he did not raise her again. He turned to see if his wife and children were able to live in relaxation, so he would prove to be remited from the beginning. The party for me to have a full family, I also gave her the opportunity to do it again. So, it was a few days of my husband, suggested that this time he came back here and to live with my mother's mother but had to have it for him to be named at my house. I think anything that can open your mouth like that. While he knew excess, this house I made myself in my money. Bad years I live hard, doing more excess Make money to build a house and he went to the couple to be dear. Then her husband was in front of the shadow, I didn't have any name: "I'm dreaming between Ban. If you come back only because it is named the red book this house, you should forget soon. There is no spring. The good man is full of sugar "I don't regret my husband not worried about your wife and children May offer the house. This type of man I touched away. Let me buy with a gold paper with a 10-piece burner for you to get hot. What kind of man as if he was full of chance, thought that the meat was all clean and why still left behind him? According to Khanh Van / New family

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