Husband Went To Repair Her Neighbors And The Dumbfounded Truthless Wife Wanted To See

But every of my feelings for Vy becomes painful, regretful when my husband told me to close me for 2 children to go to sleep, because he had to visit the conductive line into the inn It was too old but it was hot and poor if Vy had no electricity to use ... 0: 00/3: 16 nuoc nam nam Illustration: The Internet in the village is mostly young and young men and women who are worried Eating this yet hasty to love this, the residents of me and the talent are nothing strange. Because my husband and wife hired the inn right since the grandmother opened two rows of houses, each ranges of more than a dozen rooms, though building 4 but almost closed, it was very convenient for a small family safe

. The people, only my husband and I have to pay the dollar since I'm married so far our big daughter have entered 1st grade and the boy also steps into a kindergarten for children. My husband and wife because my husband is a successful electrician with an enthusiastic help for anyone in the village to have a need, from fan repair, electric rice cooker, television, the hair dryer of young girls until Both the electric toys of the children, my husband received diligently. I have never seen a husband who holds a public currency, Mr
Bao Luong of the enterprise paid enough, here is the neighbor neighbor as the British, as if you are in the house. My husband's electrician salary plus a worker to produce my ceramic tiles also temporarily enough spending, loving learning to 2 children. The mother-sided parents are in her hometown and the busy house is busy 4 seasons, so since the decision on the general team, I and my husband agreed to overcome difficulties in the family, because I really wife Young, healthy, there is a stable job even though the income is not high but "nicky, it is full, but it is warm,". It was a young girl, the age of twenty, home in the remote highland land into the city to find a job. Young Vy, small shape, white skin, long hair, looked like a good face, the voice gently, the festival is very cute. On the day I moved to Vy to timidly come to some families near my room to greet. When I crossed my house, I saw my big daughter going to school, Vy tears in tears because "remembering the youngest sister at home too", causing me to hide the sympathy with me.vy quickly found a job at one Night restaurant on the street. The first month of salary accepted about me to buy for my daughter pink dress, despite me the rejection. From Vy's body and my daughter came to my wife and I considered it like I was in the house for soon, there was a joy, what was sad, I also confided to us like the meat
Vy was alone with a weak leg, soft, so I took the husband sometimes to go to Vy's room to see what I need. Probably the money is limited so long-term electrical appliances are in the witness and thing to fix it for my husband as easy as my hand ... but everything my feelings for Vy becomes painful, regretful When my husband told me lately told me to close the door for 2 children to sleep, because he had to visit it to help Vy fix the conductive line into the inn that was too old but it was hot and poor if Vy had no electricity used ... Language, I haven't come back, I saw that the room of Vy quietly worried about what happened unfortunately, so silently through Vy's accommodation. I died when I was so stubborn that I couldn't install my shirt, and my husband only picked up the pants turned left when I buckled the door. More shocked the amount of money for 2 children to study next year without the wing and fly, no need to ask me what the husband has done with the sweat, that tears ...

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