Huyen Lizzie Turned On The Secret To Own An Ants Waistline, Declaring The ‘girl With A Beautiful Child’

'I feel happy to get countless compliments about physique. Sharing exercise mode and dining is not to show off the body I hope you will be beautiful and happier every day ', Huyen Lizzie Share.02: 00/3: 57 nam is one of the hot one Mom cult of Vietnamese showbiz, Huyen Lizzie (Phan Minh Huyen) always makes the audience worse every time he appears because the beauty is on a promoted with a hot girl like a twenty girl. "In contrast "Already excited to share all the enlargement of yourself on the practice and dining regime throughout the process of regaining postpartum shirts. Huyen Lizzie actress lizzie showing off the slim waist, spare the motivation Returning her speed physique, the actress came back: "I am beautiful and many people don't have a husband without husband

. Now I have a child and I have to work harder. I think, beautiful shape will wear anything beautiful, more importantly when practicing I have more health. Just being beautiful and beautiful, it is easier to do
"Every day, she spent a time about 1 hour to practice Cardio, Yoan back to the time of gourd and gave birth, former hot girl Ha Thanh was a lot about physique , especially round 2 with excess fat. So after birth for a month, she started practicing back with a gentle editor and gradually increasing. Lizzie stressed: "Don't want to reduce your abdomen and just go to the abdomen? Well, you have to practice Cardio to burn full body fat before, then focus on the abdomen, there is a good result. Especially new mother, excess fat, need to focus on burning fat first ". Lizzie also said that it is not necessarily to go to the gym, you just need to sort yourself time and space is already possible Comfortable self-practice at home. "Huyen started with a gentle start of 15 minutes. After that, Cardio burns fat 30 minutes, on YouTube there are many guides, just open up and practice. Then newly go to the 5-minute breakdown with all the exercises for the upper abdomen, the lower abdomen, the chance of the rib. Finally is a gentle yoga exercise between 10-15 minutes. Every day more than 1 hour of practice, the result will make everyone surprise that, "the witty actress shared
The decision to keep the actress is hardworking to practice the right dining The sloping figure of Huyen Lazzing, she innovates the training programs to add toughness to the body such as plastic pressing, silk dancing, ... While the practice she turned on the songs and stimulating the spirit Workout has increased this creative ability.Hot Mom concepts, no matter how long it is necessary to regain their physique, the top factor is still safe. Therefore, she chooses to give yourself a hygienic slimming method that is a combination of a scientific, healthy diet and regular exercise. Share: "I raise your baby with breast milk But eating is not too much but divided a lot of small meals to not be gone. The menu every day is also very simple: - 7pm breakfast with oat porridge, chopped vegetable with chicken breast (100-150gr) - 10 pm to eat fruits with little sugar and starch like guava, orange, grapefruit, whip, Pineapple, strawberry, ... - Lunch eating a small bowl of rice (edible brown rice is the best), steamed fish (100-150gr), soup and vegetables at least 3 types of combinations, priority with various colors like Fried cabbage with carrots and tomato soup.- 15-16h Drink fresh milk without sugar or a yogurt box. - Dinner to eat a small bowl of rice, 2 boiled eggs (remove a yolk), vegetables Fruit steamed steamed sesame-evening before going to bed if hungry I will eat more nuts such as walnuts and almonds ". Thuc also thinks that with women after birth, the beauty is now not merely just Another appearance that sisters will become more salty, higher and have a bigger responsibility than ever. The actor shows off the whole road to attract the 2019, the actress announces the completion of the procedure Divorce and won the right to raise children. However, watching the beauty, the prostitute of the current single mother, many people don't do the praise "a girl who looks forward". In addition to the acting career and modeling, the beauty also focused on business. Lazzie regularly shares the image with his pet and on the facial expressions that are radiant. The more and more advanced "girls have children Beautiful "as a statement that Huyen Lazzie wants to send to all the women who have been mother. "Happiness is created by yourself, work hard to practice and have a good health with a beautiful shape. That's creating the prostitute of modern, independent and charming woman! ", Huyen said. Attendance: NVCC

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