Hyundai And Kia Summoned 600 Thousand Cars Due To The Following Trunk Error

About 600 thousand cars of common patterns like Kia Forte, Rio; Hyundai Sonata, Accent, Azera, ... will have to be summoned because the error may occur in the Reneck Lock System in the following instance.02: 00/1: 48 namhai domain car company "with the house" Korean brand is Hyundai and Kia As yes, will recover about 600,000 North American cars manufactured in 2016-2020

. The reason for summoning the announced manufacturer is due to the troupling design that can be broken after a long period of exposure to high temperatures, making the escape system inside the trunk cannot operate in some emergency situations Level. About 600 thousand Hyundai and other cars produced from 2016-2020 are subject to summoning. (Photo: Autoblog) According to the report, vehicles related to Kia summons include Forte production 2016-2019, Rio 2018-2019
Some other cars in Hyundai brands such as Sonata Manufacturing 2017-2018, Sonata Hybrid 2016-2018, Accent 2018-2020 and Azera 2016-2017. The processing option is given to replace new latches made of materials that can withstand high temperatures. The ones can make in some emergency situations, the car inside the car cannot be opened by the following trunk Exit it. According to the manufacturer, the probability to occur at the same time, the case of the person locked in the trunk and the cracked latch causing the emergency escape system is quite rare. Currently, there is no actual situation that happens. However, the Korean automaker evaluates the risk of coming and will be very dangerous if passengers are trapped inside the incident. Therefore, the opening of a summoning period is essential. Hoang Hiep (by Autoblog) Do you have any viewing angles (or have experience) on the above issue? Please share the article about Motorcycle Cars by email: The appropriate content will be posted
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