Hyundai And Kia Will Produce Hydrogen Fuel Cells For All Types Of Commercial Vehicles

Korea Hyundai Motor Group Group shows the plan to produce hydrogen fuel cell versions for all types of commercial vehicles in 2028.02: 00/1: 28 Southern Statue of Hyundai Motor Group. Photo: Hyundai At the same time will reduce the price of fuel cells to the levels of electric vehicles running the battery for two years later. Hyundai Motor Group, including Hyundai Motor Co and Kia Corp, which has now launched a multi-material bus model and a single-cell truck model is Xcient Hyundai. There are 115 buses running on the road Korean Street and 45 trucks are active after debuting in Switzerland last year

.Hai Korean car manufacturer has produced 20 commercial vehicles, including light trucks, buses and buses Small trucks, and have sold about 287,000 units last year.Hyundai Motor Group also said it would develop fuel-using fuel cell models for Kia and Genesis, which could be released after 2025 . This group does not mention specific objectives of fuel cell versions for passenger cars
The above plan shows Hyundai's ambition in promoting hydrogen technology, while manufacturers Automobile export also expands the production of electric trams. Hyundai said, about 10,000-15,000 hydrogen fuel-running cars are produced globally T year, compared with 4-5 million electric cars. Other large automobile manufacturers are developing Hydro fuel cell technology as Toyota Motor Corp., BMW and Daimler, when Europe and China set items The ambition pepper about reducing emissions ./. Le Minh (According to Reuters)

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