Hyundai Car Price List In September 2021

In order to help precious readers to refer to the purchase of cars, Vietnamese enterprises would like to post the price list of Hyundai cars in September 2021. This price includes VAT.0: 00/2: NAM in this September, the listed price of Hyundai cars in the Vietnamese market is not disturbed compared to the last August. 9/2021 :: Hatchback variant: Version 1.2 MT Standard: 360 million dong

. 1.2 MT: 405 Million VND. Version 1
2 AT: 435 Million VND. Sedan: Version 1.2 MT Standard: 380 Million VND. Version 1.2 MT: 425 Million VND. Version 1.2 AT: 455 Million Dong Hyundai Grand I10 2021.: 1.4mt version Standard: 426,100,000 VND 1.4mt version: 472
100,000 VND 1.4AT: 501.1 million VND Special 1.4AT version: 542,100,000 Dong Hai Elantra: Elantra version 1.6 MT: 580 Million VND. Elantra 1.6 AT: 655 Million VND. Elantra 2.0 AT: 699 million VND. : 769 million dong.Hyundai Kona: Kona 2.0AT version: 636 million dong. Special Kona 2.0at version: VND 699 million. Kona version 1.6Turbo: 750 Million VND.: Version 2.5 Fuel standard: 1,030 billion co N 2.2 Oil Standard: 1,130 billion dong.Version 2.5 Special gasoline: VND 1,190 billion. Version 2.2 Special Oil: 1,290 billion dong. Version 2.5 high quality gasoline: VND 1,240 billion. Version 2.2 High quality oil: 1,340 billion dong.Hyundai Tucson: Tucson 2.0L Petrol Standard: 799 Million VND.Tucson 2.0L Special gasoline: 878 Million VND.Tucson 2.0L Special Oil: 940 Million VND.TUCSON 1.6L T-GDI Special: 932 Million VND. Learn Han (according to TC Motor)

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