Hyundai Developed Completely New Air Conditioning Technology, Optimal Flexibility In The Cabin

Hyundai has submitted a very interesting patent for car interior decoration to improve the effectiveness of air conditioning systems and cabins.0: 00/2: 14 namou there are some aspects of car interior design Basically unchanged for more than half a century. For example, the steering wheel still has the same design except for more nodes and has a sporty number. However, there are still different details such as air conditioning wind doors, which can be made of circles, or square or further design furniture lights, but the common utility is still heating and cooling cabin Since its up to now, Hyundai car air conditioning system will change completely in the future, Hyundai has submitted a very interesting patent for car interior decoration to improve the effectiveness of the system Air conditioning and seems to create a much more neat cabin design than what we often see. Effectively, any decorative part around the cabin can contain many cells that form gaps and can discharge air or even light and sound

. The motivation behind the new technology The Korean automaker is a car that is turning into a living space, not just a means of moving. With improved automatic driving technology every day, the driver or passenger will not necessarily sit in the same position. We have seen patents for swivel chairs and the steering wheel can move
In these cases, small air conditioning wind doors with limited movement scope cannot meet the needs of people sitting in the car, which is the solution of Hyundai's current air conditioning system with patented tissue Description: "The number of cells defines open slots into space inside the vehicle during multiple boxes". The gaps are arranged to light, sound or air that is exiting into space inside the vehicle. "As the illustrations, this advanced umbrella system does not need to limit the place on the control panel , As with normal ventilation doors. They can also be placed along the title, further improving the flexibility of the vehicle ventilation system. The actuator will be used to incline the Oh, thus performing the function of closing / opening as required. In even Korean new electric cars such as Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6 are long to achieve the flexibility of the interior that may love Such a ventilation system, Hyundai seems to be preparing for such a future. Volvo is another automobile manufacturer who is studying a cabin with a flexible and more seamless arrangement Driving chairs. Driving activities in the future are very different. Because Son Pham, 3 hours ago

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