Hyundai Elantra N 2022 Is Equipped With Racing Technology

Hyundai Elantra N 2022 has the ability to accelerate 0-100 km / h in 5.3 seconds. After a few weeks Revealing images, Hyundai has officially launched Elantra N 2022, this model is also known as i30 n sedan in some markets. Easy to identify Elantra n Thanks to an angular design, strongly. Look from the front, the high performance version of Elantra has N logo n where the grille is right

. The Calay's face is painted with darkness that feels the first part of the car looks more sporty. The engine on the Elantra N 2022 is a familiar 2.0L turbocharger, however the rotor's propeller is increased by 5 mm
The capacity of this engine block can produce 276 horsepower, maximum torque of 392 nm. Elantra N is equipped with a 8-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. The power of Elantra N 2022 can increase to 285 horsepower when the driver activates N Grin Shift mode. The ability to accelerate 0-100 km / h in this mode only takes 5.3 seconds. Multi-spoke car is highlighted on Elantra N 2022. Being a car, Hyundai has researched and built Out 360 mm brake system with brake pads made from high friction-resistant materials. Korean automaker also redesigned the front winding set to help the car brake system cooled better.Hyunda equipped with this sports sedan sedan n Corner Carving Difting Different. A feature on Elantra N 2022 inspired by WRC racing is the integration of driving axes, wheel axis and bearings, which helps tanks to grip by simultaneously reducing the volume of 1
7 kg. Extra support for a strong vehicle nearly 300 horsepower is the electronic suspension combined with the dual-blow arm to optimize the driver's feeling, reduce the noise and vibration of the vehicle. Hyundai is also installed for Elantra N 2022 bars behind. Other with the standard Elantra, the information screen on Elantra is highly integrated with additional information such as oil temperature and cooling water, torque and torque and Tuller pressure. In some countries, Hyundai Elantra N has additional GPS systems Circuit timer. Sitting on the car is added to safety pins, customers can also spend more money to choose lower sports racing chairs Standard seat 10 mm. Bring the feeling of excitement for the driver, Elantra N 2022 has a sound amplifier N sound equalizer with the ability to adjust the noise level from the exhaust in the driver's compartment. Car exhaust pipes are also adjustable on / off. Nguyen Nguyen: Carscoops

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