Hyundai Grand I10 10/2021: Discount Up To Vnd 32 Million

In October 2021, Hyundai Automobile Dealers in Hanoi deployed the incentive for the new generation Hyundai Grand I10 model, down to VND 32 million.02: 00/2: 23Ne Nam according to PV, October / 2021, at Hyundai automobile dealers in Hanoi is implementing a promotion program for a new generation Hyundai Grand I10 class, a discount ranges from 23-32 million dong. 10/2021, Guests who buy Hyundai Grand I10 in Hanoi, only need 400.58 million VND to roll the cake, Hyundai Grand I10 2021 hatchback fell about 25 million VND for standard 1.2 MT and VND 30 million for 2 versions of 1

.2 MT and 1.2 AT. Hyundai Grand I10 2021 Sedan decreased by about VND 23 million for the standard 1
2 MT and 32 million VND for 2 versions 1.2 MT and 1.2 ATXe traffic will calculate the price of Hyundai Grand I10 Cake in Hanoi based on taxes, ownership The car pays to get the number plate. In other localities, the rolling price will be lower. The interior on the Hyundai Grand I10 2021Hyundai Grand I10 2021 has a more modern and more dynamic appearance with the front / back lights. The high-end version equipped with LED headlights Projector lens on a high-end version. The daytime LED positioning lights are compact in the front grille. Columns A, B, C are painted black Creating suspended ceiling effects are the current market trend. 2-tone alloy trays and new taillights. With the cabin cavity, the entertainment screen sets up the clock table
The surface of the dash and designed with a 3D honeycomb eye forms a more luxurious feeling for the space inside.Hyundai Grand I10 2021 sedan some remarkable equipment on the Grand I10 2021 includes: new steering wheel, starting Dynamic button with button, 8-inch touch screen integrated voice recognition, Apple Carplay and Android auto connection. Especially there is a wind door for the rear seats and Cruise Control features are the first features equipped on Grade A car in Vietnam. Safety, Hyundai Grand I10 owns equipment such as: ABS anti-lock braking system, EBD electronic brake force allocation, horizontal departure support, car parking support Behind, warning the seat belt for 2 front seats, speed alerts, reversing cameras, automatic door locks and automatic door unlocking when there is a collision, 2 airbags.

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