Hyundai Tucson Phev 2022 Officially Launched, Powerful Capacity 261 Horsepower

Hyundai Tucson Phev 2022 is equipped with a 1.6-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine with a power motor using a 13.8 kWh battery. The total capacity of the car is 261 horsepower and maximum torque of 350 NM.0: 00/3: 03 South Korean cars have just launched the strongest version of Hyundai Tucson as Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV)

. According to the basic description, Tucson Phev was developed from the standard Hybrid Tucson with a larger battery pack and charging with home plugs or charging stations. This Four-wheeler compact SUV (AWD) uses gasoline engine 1 , 6 liters of turbocharged and 6-speed automatic transmissions such as Tucson hybrid 2022 but have larger lithium-ion batteries. Specifically, Hyundai equips Tucson Phev 2022 1
6-liter 4-cylinder motor with one tissue -Electricity using a 13.8 kWh battery source. The total capacity of the vehicle creates 261 horsepower (stronger than the standard Hybrid Tucson with 226 horsepower) and the maximum 350 Nm.theo torque announced by the company, Tucson Phev 2022 can run 45 km when history Using electric motors and distances can move a maximum of 676 km before fuel tank and battery are completely shallow. Car uses 240 volts and 7.2 kW charger. Fully charged time in less than 2 hours. When opened for sale in the market, Hyundai Tucson Phev competes with the opponent "oligarch" is Toyota RAV4 Prime. The parameters of Hyundai Tucson Phev 2022 hit Feature Toyota RAV4 Prime - Model head in the group of SUV plug-in hybrid patterns. It is known that Toyota RAV4 Prime has a distance of 42 km when using an electric motor though equipped with a 18
1 kWh battery pack larger.Hyundai Tucson Phev 2022 will be sold with two options as Blue version and Limited. In particular, Tucson Phev 2022 Blue version has a price of 35,000 USD (about VND 798 million) and the Limited version of $ 42,000 (about 958 million VND). In the inside, the layout of the control panel area, internal facilities Tucson Phev's ventricle is similar to other versions and space space for 5 adults. Due to the larger battery ownership, Tucson Phev has a rear luggage compartment of 903 liters when folding the back seat compared to 1,095 liters on the regular Tucson. About equipment, Tucson Phev Blue is equipped with alloy wheels 17 Inches, lighting LEDs and fabric front seats and heating. Electric adjustable driving chairs, electrical strainers and 8-inch touch screen, 4.2-inch digital dashboard with Apple Carplay and Android Auto.Tucson Phev Limited leading use 19 inch alloy wheels , leather seats, front and rear heating seats, 10.25 inch digital dashboard, 10.25 inch touch screen. This version also has bose audio systems, soft touch doors and voice climate control digital systems. Along with that is the remote parking support system and smart digital key.

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