Hyundai’s First Pickup Truck Price From 549 Million Vnd

Hyundai has just announced the price of Santa Cruz 2022. Specifically, to own this pick-up truck, US customers must spend a minimum of 23,990 USD (equivalent to VND 549.13 million), excluding shipping fee of 1,185 USD (27 , VND 12 million) .0: 00/3: 21 Southern region, so the starting price of Hyundai Santa Cruz 2022 is significantly more expensive than the lowest price of 19,995 USD (457.69 million) of Ford Maverick 2022

. Maverick Yes Shipping fee of USD 1,495 (VND 34.22 million) .Hyundai Santa Cruz 2022
The Bodybuilding version is equipped with glass rear seats dark, 18-inch alloy LA-zang and electric lock with the opening function from far away. Moving inside the cabin, the driver will find air conditioners, electric windows. Some other remarkable equipment include 6-speaker audio system, 4.2-inch multi-inch information display and 8-inch information system with Android auto and Apple Carplay compatibility. In addition, this version also has a number of driver support technologies such as holding, following lanes and smart speed limit warning. Provide strength for Hyundai Santa Cruz SE is a 4-cylinder engine 2.5-liter capacity for a maximum capacity of 190 horsepower, maximum torque of 244 nm. 8-speed automatic transmission combined with the previous bridge drive system, pulled 1.588 kg. If you want to have a full 4-wheel drive system (AWD), customers have to spend an additional 1,500 USD (34
34 million VND). The SEL version costs from 27,190 USD (VND 622.38 million) with additional features Sung as heating front seats and 8-way power driver seats. The rearview mirror integrates a turn, anti-glare, smart key helps explode the remote car. The additional safety feature of this version is compared to the version that includes supporting blindness and support to avoid the rear traffic collision. Also, customers buy Hyundai Santa Cruz Sel can also invest another 3,270 USD (74.85 Million VND) Buy Activity package Helps to add panoramic sunroof, LED Light Lighting Right, 10.25 inch digital watch clock and wireless charger for smartphones.Santa Cruz SEL PREMIUM costs from 35,680 USD (816.72 million VND) added LED headlights, digital key technology and rearview mirrors against glare and homelink. Not stopped there, this version also has leather-wrapped steering wheel and automatic air conditioning system.Hyundai Santa Cruz Sel Premium uses a 4.5-liter voltage engine for capacity 275 horsepower and double power 310 nm. 8-speed dual-clutch gearbox and standard AWD drive system, scissor 2,268 kg. The most level is the Limited version for $ 39,720 (VND 909.19 million). This version uses dark chrome grille, rainwater wipers and 20-inch alloy wheels. The interior is unique with heating leather seats, ventilation, heating steering wheels and 10.25-inch infotainment system with voice recognition technology. Tetle stops there, this version also There are lights around the cabin cavity, the wind door for rear seats and Bose's high-end sound system. Safety technologies such as driving support on highways, surrounding observation screens, supporting smart speed limits and intelligent journey control with stop / go functional function (by carscoops)

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