I And My Old Husband Are Planning To Marry, He Confesses A Horrified Secret That Makes Me Just Want ‘sandals’ Running

Before the day we intended to register to marry a few days, I suddenly reveal a secret. I and T (ex-husband) divorced more than a year ago, due to heartless, lack of responsibility, even There is a shady relationship with other woman outside. Here 4 months, I suddenly contacted me. Since then he often visits me, buying a lot of things, even giving me money. When I officially suggested returning to return, I agreed

. Really I was no longer love with me but thought for me. If T knew the error, hoping to go back to life he would be responsible for his family, I just needed enough. The two-sided parents also supported the decisive decision of their two children
My parents even came to my house to talk, apologize and promise I won't let me suffer again. We plan to re-register again and make two wheels invite parents and dearly Well, consider to inform everyone. But before the day we were going to register a few days, I suddenly revealed a secret. "I don't want to hide me anymore, otherwise you will be low, I'm not sure ...", I said so and said He is suffering from the early stage stomach cancer, the upcoming surgery and radiotherapy. T has given a real papers and papers, not him lie to try my heart. My body is no longer feeling for ex-husbands. (Artwork) I'm too shocked, that's something that dreams I can't imagine it
Why don't you tell me from the beginning? Obviously T already knew his illness before. Rather after having a disease conclusion, I first started contacting with me. I was really angry, feeling like I was deceived and taking advantage. And one squirt swears everything just coincides, he really loves me very much. This family-sided family knows that, his parents have sorry my house, the surrounding people watch us like The couple is officially. If I claim to end, it will definitely be a bad talk, that removing her husband at illness, tribulation. I also said it, I don't have much love with my ex-husband. Having come back just because of me. I really don't have enough content to use and sacrifice to take care of T during this time. Especially when I first hurt me too much. If I leave T now, is it too worth it? In this situation, do I need to be responsible for T? According to Giang Giang / Fatherland newspaper

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