I Ask You!

New blurred sheet of guys in the neighborhood took each other to go to the market. When going through the gate of Ms. Dao's house, it was about to call her to accompany her grandmother in the house. The list of illustrations is selected by the author. Source: Internet

. Last night or why ..
that her husband Dao doesn't let her go to the market, the people in the neighborhood look at each other and laugh at each other, let my sister go ahead of the late. She launched the motorbike: "I came out here I asked something." What do you dig a girl to ask? What do you do in the market outside ... Then Ms. Mai recounts the story of the grandmother with the neighborhood of Ms. Dao's ears outside the market.Nghe finished laughing laughing: "Suffering .
. It's not that ... Cu Ty told me to sleep with her ... because he used to touch his mother, now slept with her with her tight ... I have to comfort it to let it go to the market. " Ls. torn jobs, only heard ".hd13 / 9 / 21nhthe stories of the village

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