I Beg You!

0: 00/0: 53nam in the south A guy loves to stamps with her neighbor who married, often enlisted when she was away from the flirt with her husband. Meaning the husband pretends to be away, the wife gives the children to call: - My mother told me, my father is away, I'm going right ... !!! The guy starts with the barrier to see her

. When I didn't do anything yet, my husband was returned, the wife dragged him down the house and pointed to the rice mill: - I grind now, if my husband asks, I said you are hiring . How long is it, he has to listen to her words, but grind all 3 basketball. People are tired but not something, in the abdomen, it is very memorable
It is about a few weeks later, sitting and playing, the guy who caught it, the voice is very important: - My mother said, my father is away, Uncle Sang immediately. It was annoyed about the previous day, guy watching the boy saying a big: - Well, I'm praying to you, I'm sure your house is running out of rice !!! ??? Follow your home country

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