I Can’t Expect The Garlic To Treat Acne So Effective

Want to treat acne? Try using a garlic! 0: 00/1: 50 Southern region If you are acne regularly, you will know how uncomfortable it can be. Especially because acne often appears as soon as you have something important about to happen, such as a job interview or a date. Fortunately, there is a method to help treat pimples effectively, which is to use garlic. How can I use acne treatment with garlic? Garlic contains Diallly Disulfide, Allicin and Sulfus, have a bactericidal, anti-inflammatory effect, reduced status Redness in pimples. Vitamin B, E,

... Available in garlic will restore damaged skin areas, reduce darkness, prevent acne scars and help bright white skin
In addition, garlic also contains antioxidants that are not only to prevent acne, reduce the severity of acne-coated types but also remove free radicals, slowing the skin aging process. Garlic rich in minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, calcium to help skin increase resistance to protecting skin from external harmful agents such as sun, dirt, bacteria. ? You just need to take a branch and clean your face. Then, cut the head of the garlic clove and use a few unlars for garlic cloves to be more water. Rub garlic cloves on acne. Allow garlic juice on acne notes and let dry overnight. The next morning, acne will be flatter and less redded. Small acne will disappear completely! Alternatively, you can try other acne treatments with garlic with a garlic with honey or technology or aloe vera, olive oil. Italy when treating acne by expressing if you have a lane Too thin or sensitive skin should consider acne treatment with garlic. Acid with garlic will make the skin easier to be eroded, thin and weaker
Acne acne, you should limit hot spicy food, fast food or drink alcohol, beer. Eat a variety of green vegetables, fruits, fruits, protein, vitamin C, B, E. Don't forget to apply sunscreen. Learn Huyen - Under Tips-and-Tricks

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