I Craved My Mother Cooked

I was no longer a baby, my children were big, their hair gradually gradually fiber like his hair. The day of the New Year of the New Year, after a year of the backstarter, I wanted to eat a mother to eat. Also the rice cooked from a fragrant rice seeds but why the mother beads cooked deliciously. Mother for this bowl and add a few other bowls to eat, I like to eat the most food in the bowl and smile warmly Pressure look at your baby. The kindness has been saved in the subconscious child, during a meal meal reminiscent of she and becoming happy as a small revenue, the desire to not be old and young children

. I eat tall dishes (Son Hao Hai va) party meetings in luxury restaurant, excess, praise mind, sometimes rejoice when I have endured. I just crave mothers With a bowl of vegetables cooked with copper, it is not a high-pitched dish, the simple family air, very owned deep into his child's thoughts, he craves his mother's warmth, salty, sweet and sweet Homeland.Theo Story of Minh Dinh Dinh

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