I Dreamed To Replace The Battle With A Super Weapon

According to Popular Mechanics, with the CSWTD program, he announced that it would create a super smart weapon generation and can change the battlefield of the <: 00/2: 33 south in today's war, weak The biggest point of weapons is that they can only 'chat' with their launchers or control centers that cannot exchange information together when combat. However, the CSWTD program of the British Defense Ministry will Bringing an unprecedented ability to help missiles to exchange information to increase the efficiency of attack and destroy the target. Currently, the British government has invested in the CSWTD project with the budget for research and development worth £ 6 billion. The attack of the large number of weapons. To the success of the weapon generation Newly smart in the true meaning is that they can collect data, allowing ammunition types to communicate with each other, evaluating situations and changing plans to attack targets, quick response to the threats Threat is changing

. According to the development plan, in the early stages, there will be £ 3.5 million that has been invested in Defense Science Technology Laboratory (DSTL) for creating Out the software allows some missiles to work together. Attack type of herds capable of penetrating the enemy's missile defense system
In essence, this is one of the variations of the program that creates the UAV herd attacks being developed by some great powers such as the US, Russia, Israel ... the CSWTD project increases the flexibility of rocket, Ensure that they can react with a changing threat or situation when it appears and improves their reaction. It will change the way the missile operation along with the software system upgrade allows to perform this collaborative behavior. "When the rocket is launched to attack multiple goals simultaneously, aquarters Cannot detect each target for each specific type of rocket to increase the efficiency of destruction. This towel has been resolved by CSWTD. Bullets of this program can identify fixed targets, tanks, matches The department does not ..
to divide the attack on each of the specialized missiles, "DSTL said. Currently, DSTL scientists evaluate different combat tactics and scripts with tight collaboration with tight collaboration with tight collaboration with tight collaboration Stried with partners in the industry from the Multinational Rocket Group Airbus, Leonardo and the head contractor in the UK is Bae Systems. Now this smart missile program is announced but realistic right from April / 2021, he embarked on the CSWTD project and the new technology could be integrated into a smarter integrated missile network in the next five years. " Wake up equipped, CSWTD's weapons can change the battlefields because the ability to attack exactly almost absolutely while possessing the ability to penetrate the opponent's defense ", the source adds. Ngoc Hoa

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