I Live By Reading Your Writing Pages

Ms. Sales in bed, her tiny body like a reed in the fall term dryness, arcade wear thin, only the eyes and breathing is still life. She is so over several months. Upon seeing Ngo Thao writer walked into the room, her eyes lit up. She tried standing up to reception but not

. "She weak and, lay not going to sit up where" - writer Ngo Thao held her hand sincerely say. Know life is impermanent, but his old age now lingered like a lamp before the wind, she must remind descendants are invited by writer Wu Thao came because a very special reason. She whispered just enough for three people to hear: "I Thao My, after losing my house, I'm keeping a lot of diaries, and memoirs, he signed Chau (writer Nguyen Minh Chau)
The World episode he never published. I have built meticulously careful in her daughter's home in Ecopark. I just trust him alone. I want to trade off his back. This new work is finished I reassuring "She did Nguyen Thi Doanh and photos on a niem.May century today, media postings chanting Hanoi People's Committee proposed naming 38 new streets. Notably there are some artists, intellectuals and generals famous being put into place street name this time: The poet Che Lan Vien, musician Huy Du, Dr. Nguyen Khac Vien, Lieutenant General Hoang Minh Thao, two spouses poet, playwright Xuan Quynh talent-Luu Quang Vu, writer Nguyen Minh Chau. Everyone knows Nguyen Minh Chau was one of the writers of literature typical of modern Vietnam. But perhaps few people noticed, to get a Nguyen Minh Chau glowed in the literature can not not mention the woman standing behind him, reality and resourceful, often algae rain caring husband - Nguyen Thi Doanh
Gan 90 years old, an age when any time can also ride the clouds, riding the winds of heaven, she said she did not fear death turnover because ultimately everyone has to die. No one can escape death from beggar to king parasols purple gold belt. But she was most afraid of before blindly down the hand not promptly do all things cherished for her husband - whom she believes in love, whom she headache whole beats and breath from the wife to the end of the slope end of life. All day, she just said to her husband. First question: "England World ..." to the second sentence: "He Chau ..." and the third sentence continues: "British World ...". We feel: writer Nguyen Minh Chau exists here, maybe he Statistics chair somewhere in this tiny room, or sit near the writer Ngo Thao, to hear his wife say the words grandchildren from ruot.Tuy liver claims body but her charisma Business language when talking about re-savvy husband: "at birth time, my house is always reserved for literature, the word means a sacred location. He conceived, was the writer, though only one sentence, a word beyond the rigors of time and has been successful, is precious. So he wrote Chau strives to compensate for the period of time is elapsed. Even when struggling with borrowed time, he tried to write, write hide your doctor, write stole his wife and children to gratify the desires of the writers, so confided in letters of premonition about life, about responsibility responsibility and conscience of a writer ". She stopped, motioned to the bedside get thick and heavy book, nearly 800 printed pages given text writer Nguyen Minh Chau Ngo Thao.Nha and works Footprint people linh.Ba tears: "More than thirty years have passing me without him in the side. Type Description entire time, I survived, overcome loneliness and compassion remember him just by reading the pages of his published writing and all the notes in the manual unpublished. I read all the posts of everyone writes about him. Therefore, he always lived in Asia not only my heart but as exist with life. I feel comforted and grateful about that, "she read .date day article about her husband, who writes on paper yellowed newspaper for years, and when the writer has not longer on life, but with the gold or dollars she could not write about you in these pages husband. After Tet Canh Ty in 2020, after many years of hard reread, carefully selected, she gathered all the articles of those you writing about her husband to print a book extremely Page matter, are publisher Hanoi completed in Q1 2021. Each inscription is the old memories came rushing back, jubilant and lively as any new day ... Previously, she was writing the Sales Force team, Military Region 3, toured for soldiers in places where war is fierce, many times in life and death on the battlefield. Fate brought her push to become the wife of writer Nguyen Minh Chau, respectively born husband three princesses Mind, My, Mai. The soldier's life is the trip, so the family moved, not fixed in place. My wife and children live in a house on the road Grapefruit is a time, after turning on Ngoc Ha village, next to them on the street soldiers in dormitories 37 Ly Nam De. House on Ly Nam De street is also home to stick with the couple from the subsidy until later

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