I Lost The 55th Anniversary Of Technics Sl-1210gae Limited, You Can Buy A New Sl-1210g

Technics continues to extend its coal tray series with a new SL-1210G model. This is considered a black version of SL-1200G and also the alternatives for turntable production limited SL-1210GAE LIMITED EDITION (which has been sold out right from the introduction) .0: 00/2: 32 domain The SL-1200 coal is launched in the 1972, the only turntable for the only audiophiles designed as a dj Pro coal tray. This product quickly became Best-seller with sales reached 3.5 million units due to most favorite users by Motor Direct Drive with powerful torque, easy operation and stability and High durability

.Technics SL-1210G with black cardboard machine, exquisite blurred surface and is considered a replacement design for the coal tray sample production limit SL-1210GAE Limited Edition. However, a lot of people confuse the SL-1210G model with SL-1210gr, the quality of these two coal trays is completely different. Technics SL-1210GR is the old design launched in 2017 and ranked in much lower segment
With the SL-1210G technics, this coal tray owns the same genome of the new generation SL-1200 series, equipped Direct actuating motor has no core design, commonly used in motor motor drone, with up to 2 coils (such as double motor), with extremely impressive torque.sl-1210g comes with one Hands need high sensitivity, made from cooling magnesium material, helping to provide uniformity for the entire tonearm length, reduce transmission noise. In addition, the rotating shaft of this hand should be made of high accuracy and super sensitivity. To the 3-layer platter disc part with high vibration reduction performance will also help tracking unaffected and disturbed. TECHNICS engineers share that each plate of this platter is widely adjusted to help maximum balance, which is composed of aluminum and brass, the surface covered the "dead" rubber layer .frank Balzuweit, Director of Production European technics also shared more about the fact that they had made from the resounding success of the SL-1210GAE limited edition, launched in June 2020 and almost immediately sold out. The company has seen a high demand for this top 1200 Series' black version of the 1200 series. With the striking black shell, the new SL-1210G owns the real luxury beauty, filled with SL-1210G coal will be colored in October this year for about 110 million VND.

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