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Many Southeast Asian young people move through broadcast live during social ways. However, this is not easy to make such money in: 00/4: 13 nam 10h every day, Nauman Pasha sat on a computer desk, wearing a headset and starts a new business day. colleagues through zoom, he only chams to play games, talking to 43,000 followers from Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia through the Livestream form. Before, this 32-year-old man used to manage digital arrays in the program and project. He began trying to broadcast live when epidemic outbreaks

. When translating Covid-19 outbreaks, Nauman Pasha moved to Livestream to play games and stick with this work for over a year. Photo: Handout. "When I stayed at home Avoid translation, I decided to play a more frequent game
Listen to a friend to introduce, I decided to try Livestream. I see this work interesting, bringing a stable source of income Sticking with it for more than a year, "he told the SCMP.Nauman Pasha not the only case to broadcast the Livestream mid-season. Thousands of Asian youths are setting up separate channels on social networking platforms, creative multi-creative content to make money from home entertainment needs during social interrogation. Livestream fever explodes season Mine, the creation of content on social networks is not a new trend. Many young people consider this job as "left hand", helping them earn extra income. According to SCMP, an average of 1 million views on a YouTube video can help them collect about 5,000 USD. When millions of people around the world have to stay home for Covid-19, this trend is becoming more and more popular. In 2020, the number of social network users increased at the fastest rate of 3 consecutive years, hit the 4.2 billion people, according to the report from We Are Social
Every day, Shu Faye Wong will broadcast directly about 4 -8 hours from midnight, continue to work full-time this morning. Photo: Handout. A common study between Google, Temasek and Bain indicates Southeast Asia is one of the fastest growing areas with 40 million people for the first time Livestream is over a total of 400 million Internet accounts in 2020.Inso , unemployment increased because Covid-19 also played a role in promoting young people to test with the type of direct broadcast.Nalie Pang, senior lecturers at the Department of New Communications and Communications in Singapore National University, said: "I think the pandemic is not the only factor that creates this trend, but it motivates people to spend more time online. Creation of online content is also thus expanding the audience." A report from StreamLabs and Stream Hatchet showed that the Twitch directly broadcasting platform witnessed the skyrocket on the time of viewing, from 11 billion HD to 18.41 billion after a year. Thanks to the Network Platforms Social, content creators can easily make money from Livestream. Therefore, more and more young people flock to these channels. "The biggest donate (supporting money) I've ever received from the viewer is about 700 USD", Shu Faye Wong, a streamer on Twitch, said. The 25-year-old girl owns 19,300 tracks, usually broadcast 4-8 hours every time at midnight. Not easy to make money from Livestream when more and more people are committed to the field of direct broadcasting, the competition between the Streamer is also increasing. They are forced to further efforts to maintain the reputation, attract new audiences and make money from their products. Share with SCMP, Marky Evan, Singaporean's young man, said he chucks in a shop Coffee during the day, broadcast live at night. Every day, he spent 4-5 hours to livestream singing, painting, playing games, depending on the mood. However, he only earns about 500 USD / month. This amount is not enough for him to exist in a city with an average salary of 3,364 USD.Do the available income level in Southeast Asia is lower than other regions, the audience is hard to donate (money support) For streamer I like. Photo: Fortune. "This is harder than everyone thought a lot. Although I have a job quit and focusing on creating content, I can't earn more than 1,000 USD / month," he said. Besides. Due to the availability of availability in Southeast Asia lower than other areas, content creators are also difficult to earn a lot of money from followers .So with Western audiences, viewers in Southeast Asia cannot Comfortable swing donate hand about 5 USD / month to support the streamer they like.do, to increase income, the streamer often accepts advertising. Pasha revealed he had to contact hundreds of potential advertisers before receiving an agreement from a unit. My new, he hired a office in the center of Singapore. Pasha said he will continue to broadcast live, though the market tends to saturate. "I not only Livestream to play games, but also want to meet many people. I really love this job. So I always work hard, even hire studio to focus on making content. Perhaps, I will

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