I Should Go Out To White For Betraying My Wife

I should go out to white hand for betraying my wife0: 00/2: 18 nam nuoc Minh Life and I experienced a 4-year love affair, in that 4 years, we really had extremely happy days Phuc. My wife not only learned good, beautiful but also skillful in her behavior. The first time I played, she had caused sympathy to everyone, from the elderly to young children, no one was Don't love her. It made me believe that my choice with that girl is right. I love your wife and always look forward to the stable work day to be "procession of her about" my house, I have tried to have Get a good income and confidently came to the house she asked to marry

. Then that day came. We went to a house in extreme happiness. The first years of marriage, I and my wife live in extremely happy days, I don't stop working to buy a house, stabilize the accommodation for both spouses
And the wife outside the job, she also actively vuun for her family happiness so I had peace of mind to work with work. These girls now actively attack me. Me too, never intended to give up his wife, but also forgot the promise to his wife to think about other women. The first is only thoughts, then urged me once and then In action, I betrayed my wife and always thought I was smart enough for her to never know it. But "the needle in a long time has a day, there is a day," said my adultery also came to his wife's ear, she had evidence to prove what I did. Only thing, she was very calm, but not floating Angry, no noise like I thought and many women still do. Only things, she cried a lot, perhaps crying because she was disappointed about me, she didn't mention the deal among us unmarried, that if someone adultery would divorce and go to white hands . Because everything doesn't need to ask me since I knew you were betrayed, she was probably prepared for a day I wouldn't be with her, so I did everything myself. But no mention of divorce, nor did I make me break up with the lover. The silence of his wife made me feel extremely miserable, the price she kept scolding me, maybe everything was softer This is only silent and enduring alone, not interested in what's going on before
Should I make an agreement before, divorce and go to white hands or wait and persuade to ask my wife a chance?.

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