I Sit And Stitch The Winter Coat

In the Southern female poetry face, the name Tran Thanh Binh was noted by the smooth, feminine bowls with a very specific and strange poetry voice, but the familiar, familiar, familiar, etc.: 00/3: 00 The list of illustration / int.em stitched the coat in the afternoon, the other stock, the crowded floor, the United States of the Chinese brand with soldiers selling weight ..

. out of the money according to the money to follow the feet, the money is easy ..
You're just wearing a double time, leaving why I can get here? The land of the land all day, the role of the role of hooks, the hand slide is not a lack of sewing. Wisdom ... I stitched the winter shirt. Tran Thanh Binh is Binh of Dang Mai in the face of Phuong Nam female poetry, the name Tran Thanh Binh is noticed by the smooth, rich feminine articles with a very own poetry voice , strange but familiar, familiar with strange. I stitched the winter coat as a testament to that judgment. The fourth of the poem was not new, but at the integration, the image "stitched" was something strange and rich. The head same is two opposite states from people to specific jobs. A party is a "number) character (number) stitching the shirt, doing simple craft work has been very old (which today today Many people have forgotten the operations)
One side is a lot of people (crowded floor) that are actively buying securities, products of the modern technology time. Chinese brands, South Korea apps to sell. This is not to mention, the effort will be too modest compared to the "tens of money" even million ... if removed to work with other jobs. Women in poems don't know? Buy a new shirt for her husband, for you to be in her ability. However, she still decided to remove the session to stitch her shirt, because more than anyone she understood: "Know that I don't have a lack of sewing / only I lack the warm hands of your mother / silently in the needle line / know in the shirt My child is wildly wild. Perhaps it was the biggest "interest" thing that talented traders was not necessarily taking into account. Spiritual value from her work is probably difficult to have any physical value. It is preserving family feelings, keeping the fire loving in every home always burns forever. With a self-reliant poetry, the casual word is often ordinary if it doesn't want to say something. The author depicted the image of a woman in modern life still holding the footsteps, ensuring, loving her husband and always the "fire" holder for each roof. "I stitch The winter coat "is not just a true image, but also very rich. Easter. This is the time when more than always the most family members need to be most. And the two words "warm nests" are sacred, new new prices. The poem is tried to replicate and stand up with a suffering, as if to affirm and emphasize what the author wants to send Readers: Even if anything happens, whether society has developed, mental values, traditional beauty still need to be preserved, respected. At the end of the image "I stitched the winter coat" still have the obsession, holding and mounting love.

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