I Sold Taiyaki Fish Cake Sorry For The Little, The Reaction Of ‘god’ Sweeter Than The Cake

An uncle who sold the red beans in Japan was very sad to be forced to make a few more cakes, because if for many people as before, he had no profit and went bankrupt. Very honest, he also wrote the board to apologize to customers. But what he received was later "sweet 'more than the couple of biscuits. Take away still "pillars". However, there are certain dishes, such as pastries, can be more difficult to sell when heated

. Junya Hashimoto, owner of a small fish cake in Gyoda city, still have regular customers in time epidemic. However, in the last summer, because it was hot, so the number of people who bought cakes declined, she had to raise the price of cake. Hashimoto made fish cakes for guests
Photo: Ms. Ms. Meters find a mistake with guests, Uncle Hashimoto decides to give each cake more red beans. He said that, when he made a cake, he always wondered: "Should I give more red beans?" On the same day, he kept giving many cakes more, and more. As a result, your cake is full of red beans, and I have a hole despite the price of fish cake. Photo: Soranews. Get out that if you go on to continue for many cakes, you will go bankrupt, but Uncle Hashimoto doesn't want to increase the selling price again. So you can only reduce the cake. This for Uncle Hashimoto is not easy, and he doesn't want customers to think he is "the elephant elephant", the cake is getting more and less people. So I decided to tell the truth
Hashimoto wrote a large sheet of paper, paste in front of the cake counter: "Please tell me true, I used to give a lot of red beans, but I have no profit at all. I will have to reduce red beans, because otherwise the shop will break. Please forgive me. "Hashimoto wrote a paper to apologize for the cake. Photo: Twitter. Hashimoto's truthfulness makes a lot of touching customers. Everyone posted a photo of his apology to social networks and it was shared tens of thousands of turns. Uncle Hashimoto also received countless people's words, like: "It's okay, I really like the cover". "Uncle Hashimoto always used the best red beans, so sympathize with him." . "I like the cake of many red beans, but I don't do what you need, because everyone knows that the restaurant is having trouble". Customer beliefs are not only expressed on social networks, but Everyone crashed to Uncle Hashimoto's cake shop to buy less cakes than before. Customers said that little cake a little bit was okay. Photo: Twitter. It is when the seller interested in customers will always be beloved and trusted by customers.

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